AUSA Buddy Volunteer Needed!
If you are a New International Student and would like to have a Buddy to support you, please apply here:

If you would like to volunteer with AUSA, please continue reading :)

Hi there!

Are you a domestic or International Student? If yes, we need you!

New international students who do not have family and friends in Auckland may find it challenging to make their transition into their new lives. They have to complete a lot of paperwork, integrate into Kiwi life, and battle homesickness and culture shock.

AUSA Buddies provide personal support and mentorship to facilitate the integration of new international students. Our Buddies are friendly faces that new students can turn to, respond to their questions and introduce them to kiwi life.

We are looking for people that can volunteer with us preferably during semester 2. You will be matched with different students (up to 4) each semester.

******If you are an undergraduate student, you must have completed at least two semesters studying at The University of Auckland to qualify as an AUSA Buddy********

*******If you are a postgraduate student, you must have completed at least one semester studying at The University of Auckland to qualify as an AUSA Buddy********

Being a Buddy-Volunteer involves:

- Contacting your New Buddy immediately after receiving their contact details.
- Meeting your New Buddy at International Orientation and/or Welcome Tea event.
- A commitment to fortnightly check in with your mentees via their preferred form of communication. Weekly during the first month. (i.e. texting, Facebook messaging, emailing, and one-to-one meetup).
- At least a monthly face-to-face catch up (i.e. meeting up at a café to explain administrative processes, taking a walk down Queen Street to show them the nearest supermarket and any other creative ideas you may have!).
- Participation in events which are designed for new international students and their Buddies to meet new people, get social and have fun.
- Providing feedback to the coordinator.
- Participating in Buddy Training.


- The opportunity to receive role-specific training as well as the chance to focus on developing specific skills for example communication, leadership and team work.
- The chance to participate in the UoA Leadership and Service Award to gain official recognition for skills developed through volunteering within the University and wider community.
- A valuable addition to your CV.
- The opportunity to receive a digital or hard copy certificate of achievement.
- The opportunity to attend various events during the semester.

For more information about the role, please check out this link:

Sounds like fun? Agreed with what being a Buddy involves?
If yes, please, fill out the form!

You will then be contacted by the International Volunteer Coordinator Temitope (Temi) Adelekan -



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We have other volunteering opportunities available? Are you creative? Do you like to have fun? Do you like planning events? Or Do you enjoy administrative duties? If yes, AUSA is looking for you. This is a great way to meet new people, gain work experience and learn the kiwi culture. *
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