In support of the Black Lives Matter movement, we the undersigned would like to address this open letter to the Music Faculty of the University of Cambridge and share the following thoughts on racism in our physical and ideological spaces of study, with some concrete requests going forward.

Racism in the study and performance of western classical music is an endemic issue built into and reproduced by the very structures of classical music culture and its study. When we talk about 'diversity', the word usually refers to "adding in" composers and musicians who are not white. The system remains the same, the structures and institutions and concert halls and promoters remain the same, 'different' people are just sprinkled in to make everyone feel good about how universal and accepting the system is. That is how institutional diversity tends to work as a mechanism, and as Sara Ahmed and many others have noted, sometimes 'diversity' actually obscures the unaddressed racism that underlies the BAME schemes, the smiling person of colour on the brochure, the one non-white professor.

What really needs to be addressed and changed is a system that is so white that it *needs* for people to be 'added'. We need to ask why is it not common for Black professors, students, musicians, composers, philosophers, theorists to be here already. Why are Black people not routinely filling orchestral positions, heading conservatoire departments, leading music research programmes? We need to learn and relearn the history of so-called western classical music and how it was created in exclusion to, in opposition to, and on the labour of non-white people, specifically Black people. We need to study and perform Black music - not as the ‘other’ to white western music but in a way that purposefully subverts the paradigm of western classical music’s centrality as it stands today. To sprinkle in the odd foreign name, the odd woman, the odd token of non-whiteness, is to perpetuate the centrality of whiteness that not only results in impoverished educational spaces but supports real intellectual and physical violence to people of colour and specifically to Black people. It is not enough to add a few texts by Black authors into our curricula; this commitment must be reflected in who the faculty hires and whose voice the faculty privileges.

Racism and slavery are not distant or one-off phenomena, and their legacies continue today, particularly through institutions like Oxford and Cambridge Universities. A lot of classical music culture is built around the preservation of history, the revering of historical composers, the universalisation of certain pieces of music that are deemed 'great', 'canonic', lying *outside* of historical context. In academic spheres, if histories of colonialism, imperialism, racism, white supremacy are not used to at least contextualise many of these works and their authors, the regurgitation and celebration of the histories some of this music carries can be extremely dangerous. We do not advocate for western music to be taken off the curriculum - on the contrary, we wish to study it outside a bubble of ‘soft’ white supremacy and liberal imperialism. This results not only in a supremely white curriculum but also in the fact that the music faculty does not have a single Black professor and a very small number of Black students (and students of colour in general).

As musicians and music scholars, we do not accept that the solution to these problems is to initiate more non-elite non-white people into the hallowed sanctums of spaces that were previously unaccessible, unless at some point there is a deep reckoning with the connections of these spaces to colonialism. The very issue of needing to 'add' people to such a naturally-exclusionary space in the first place is symptomatic of the ongoing perpetuation of systems of white supremacy and oppression.

The Black Lives Matter movement and marches and protests of the past weeks have highlighted the statues and monuments to slave traders and racists that remain as 'reminders' of this country's colonial past and tower above us still as students at this institution. Music is not immune to this monumentalisation, and we have a responsibility to ask what does the music we study, and the ways in which we study it uphold? What message is revealed when an entire course called ‘Music’ centres around one type of music only?

For preliminary steps towards decolonisation, we ask that the faculty considers the following requests:

1. Revisions across the curriculum not simply to add ‘other’ musics, but to decentre western classical music entirely and to study it in its proper context of colonialism and its legacies. This is a conversation already started and developed in other faculties across Cambridge such as Sociology, Anthropology, History, English, Politics, Development Studies, African Studies, all with the support and inclusion of staff members. We believe the Music Faculty is long overdue these discussions and changes.
2. An open call for Black professors to be appointed within the faculty.
3. Better dialogue with the current Black students and students of colour to implement ways in the faculty can be a more inclusive space, with particular regard to procedures for monitoring racial misconduct within the faculty.
4. Anti-racist training for all members of students and staff.
5. Specific funding opportunities for projects that centre anti-racist work, the study of black music history, and work that actively engages in decolonisation.

We urge fellow musicians to make similar demands from their faculties, for non-black music students to reflect on their own complicity, for teaching faculty to ask how their own work intersects with racism. It is (relatively) easy to topple a statue that upheld racist values, but we should also ask as musicians whose voices are we uplifting with our own bodies and instruments? As scholars, whose views go unchallenged in our work? Who is necessarily excluded by the ongoing project of whiteness that this musical culture perpetuates? And what is the music faculty doing to dismantle it?

Signatures (individuals and societies including Cambridge students, staff, and alumni)

NB - since a large number of people are signing this - just a note to say that due to the nature of Google Forms all signatures must be added by an admin; so if your name takes a while to appear, it just means we haven't got round to updating it yet!

1. Decolonising Music, Cambridge ✊🏿✊🏽✊
2. Fatima Lahham, PhD student, Music, Christ’s
3. Thomas Chesworth, Part II Music, Queens’
4. Samuel Macdonald, Part II Music, Pembroke
5. Marcella Keating, Part IA Music, Newnham
6. Daniel Quigley, Part IB Music, Magdalene, Undergraduate Students' Representative
7. Decolonise Social Anthropology, Cambridge
8. Abigail Birch, Part II Music, Fitz
9. Claire Watters, Part II Music, Christ’s
10. Helena Mackie, Part II Music, Clare
11. Freddie Preece, Alumni, Jesus
12. Lee-Shan Tse, Social Anthropology, Christ's
13. Oliver Jones, Part 1B Music, Gonville and Caius
14. Oscar Simms, Part 1A Music, Clare
15. Mattie Armstrong Sobolewski, Music part IB Selwyn college JCR Vice President
16. Marlene Blanke, Part I HSPS, Clare College
17. Felix Asare, Part IA Music, Christ's
18. Ailsa Critten, Music, Girton
19. Emily Catriona Porter, Part 1A Music, Murray Edwards
20. Brunella Torricelli, PhD candidate, DPMMS (pure maths), Newnham College
21. Charlotte Connal, Part II Music, Murray Edwards
22. Madeline Bryan, Part II Music, Sidney Sussex
23. Antonia Harrison, Part IA MML, Clare College
24. Laura Mayo, Part 1A Music, Selwyn
25. Holly Smith, Music, Murray Edwards
26. Morgan Edward Overton, 1A Music, Trinity
27. Hannah Dienes-Williams, Clare College offer holder for Music 2020 entry
28. Roshan Patel, Natural Sciences, Trinity
29. Sarah Iwamoto-Stohl, Part 1a MML, Clare
30. Jasmine Ratchford, 2020 Music offer holder, Churchill
31. Louisa Clogston, IA Music, Emmanuel
32. Laurence Trowsdale-Stannard, Part II Music, St Johns College
33. Emily Cairns, Part II Music, Corpus Christi
34. Nicholas Gawley, Selwyn College Music offer holder for 2020
35. Anna Cooper, Part II Music, Homerton
36. Freddie Redding, Part II Music, Sidney Sussex College
37. Jess Hoskins, Part IA Music, Clare
38. Kerensa Gaunt, MML, Fitzwilliam
39. Lily Rafalin, Part 1A Classics, Clare
40. Mia Willows, Part IB Music, Queens'
41. Dr Zeenath Islam, Mathematics PGCE, Downing College
42. Lily Blundell, Music offer holder for 2020, Wolfson College
43. Meghna Sreekumar, Medicine, Christ’s
44. Tilly Stables, Part IB Music, Clare
45. Kate Apley, MML alumna, Trinity
46. Ben Mortishire-Smith, Chemistry, Pembroke College
47. David Buckley, MMus, St Edmund's
48. Zach Yarrow, Music Part IB Downing
49. James Bartlett, Music, St Catharine’s, 2013-16
50. Alfie Vaughan, MML Year Abroad, Open Portfolio Officer for the Disabled Students' Campaign
51. Joe Wardhaugh, Part 1A Music, Girton
52. Jemma Starling, Music, Part 1A, Girton
53. Lucy Roberts, Part II Music, Jesus
54. Louie McIver, Music Part IB, Girton
55. Jeff Gu, MPhil in Music, Darwin College
56. Laura van der Heijden, Music, St John's College (alumna)
57. Keval Shah, Music, Trinity Hall (alumnus, supervisor)
58. Emma Shardlow, English, Christ’s
59. Helena Fox, ASNC, Sidney Sussex
60. Dylan Price, MPhil Music Studies, Girton
61. Sarah Cooper, MPhil in Music, St. Edmund's
62. Emily Ashton, Music, Clare (alumna)
63. Rowan Fox, Undergraduate, Jesus College
64. Kausikan Rajeshkumar, Music, Trinity
65. Anahita Falaki, Music, Downing (alumna)
66. Lee Colwill, PhD in ASNC, Pembroke
67. Brian Lustig, MMus, St. John’s (alumnus)
68. Chizute Ogbedeh, Medicine, Jesus
69. Paul Hoskins, Music Gonville & Caius
70. Kate Crellin, MMus Choral Music, MMus Choral Music, Queens'
71. Lucy Crang, Geography, Downing (alumna)
72. Ananya Mishra, Co-founder, Bread Theatre and Film Company, PhD English, Corpus Christi College
73. Amit Avigour, MPhil, Music, Wolfson
74. George Herbert, Music, Part 1A, St John's
75. Emily Hazrati, MPhil in Music, Newnham
76. Alice Chernaik, Natural sciences, St Catherine's College
77. Angela Liu, Prelim Classics, Clare
78. Michelle Spielberg, Veterinary Medicine, Girton
79. Henry Coleman, History, Christ's
80. Anousha Karim, AMES, St Catherine's College
81. Churen Li, Music, Wolfson (alumna)
82. Leanne Tyme, MML, Homerton
83. Swathi Manivannan, Natural Sciences, Homerton College
84. Hannah King, Trinity, Music (alumna)
85. Cheryl Lim, Education (Arts, Creativity and Education), Sidney Sussex
86. Harriet Edwards, Part IA Music, Robinson
87. Elise Goddard, Theology, Pembroke College
88. Nina Ashton, HSPS, Wolfson
89. Cora Morris, Education, Homerton College
90. Charlotte Husnjak, Part IB Music, Robinson
91. Sophie Iddles, Part IB Music, Robinson
92. Shan Tan-Ya, Part IIA Engineering , King’s
93. Katie Lodge, Music (2014-17), Emmanuel
94. Emily McHarg, MPhil Music, Newnham
95. Emma Elkington, Physical Natural Sciences, Kings
96. Anna Semple, Music alum, Trinity Hall
97. Imane Bou-Saboun, Linguistics, Selwyn College
98. Peter McMurray, Lecturer in Music; Fellow, Queens' College
99. Leia Devadason, Music, King’s College
100. Daisy Widdicombe, Part 1B Music Trinity Hall
101. Krishnan Ram-Prasad, PhD in Classics, Peterhouse
102. Frank Bertoletti, English, Sidney Sussex College
103. Grace Amedor, Medicine, Gonville & Caius
104. Elinor Wolstenholme, Part IB Music, Newnham College
105. Hannah Dixon, MPhil in Music, Newnham
106. Nina Ashton, Music, Clare College (alumna)
107. Dorothy Hoskins, Music, Jesus College (alumna)
108. Dr Talitha Kearey, JRF in Classics, St John's College
109. Ruari Paterson-Achenbach, Music Alum, Girton College
110. Arina Machine, Natural Sciences, Homerton
111. Felix Blake, Music, Selwyn
112. Jessica Duchen, Music, Jesus College (alumna)
113. Anita Datta MA, MA(Res), Social Anthropology, Sidney Sussex 2014
114. Cheryl Kwok, Part II Music, Robinson College
115. Franklin Kendal,Part IA HSPS, Clare
116. Thea Sands, Music Alum, Clare College
117. Olga Adhikari, AMES, Homerton College
118. Ben Comeau, Music alum, and former supervisor & examiner, Girton
119. Matt Potter, English, Gonville and Caius alumnus
120. Annika Hilgert, HSPS, Selwyn
121. Aidan Hilton, Music alum, Magdalene
122. Toby Young, King's College, alumnus
123. Emma Winston, Music, Fitzwilliam College (alumna)
124. Michaela Higham, Music, Queens' College (alumna)
125. Rosie Dunn, Music, Churchill college
126. Emma Brown, PhD Medical Sciences, Wolfson
127. Jonny Cresswell, History of Art, Downing
128. Beatrix Swanson Scott, St John’s, 1B Music
129. Jeremy Warmsley, Philosophy, Churchill
130. Harry Castle, Music, Clare (alumnus)
131. Jedrek, HSPS Social Anthropology Wolfson
132. Ed Liebrecht, Music, Jesus (graduated 2019)
133. Alexander Semple, Music, St John's
134. Michael Cullen, Music, St Catharine's College (2016-19)
135. Charlotte Barnard, 3rd year MML, Newnham
136. George Raikes, Music alumnus, 2015
137. Kate Barber, ASNC MPhil, Corpus Christi
138. Declan Hickey, Part II Music, Downing College
139. Matthew Brew, Part IA Music, King’s
140. Oliver Rundell, Chorus Master, Opera North, Corpus, m 1997, Music
141. Ellen Parker, History alum, Jesus
142. Linnea Lagerqvist, MPhil in Development Studies, Darwin College
143. Matthew Haygarth, Part 1A Music, St. Catharine's College
144. Daisy Corder, Music, Cambridge
145. Nat Jobbins, Music, Homerton (alumna)
146. Jonathan Chan, English, Wolfson
147. Hermione Kellow, Part II Music, Queens'
148. Rebecca Ebner-Landy, MML, Murray Edwards
149. Martin Weston, Alum, Robinson College
150. Rowan Hawitt, Music alumna, Corpus Christi and Trinity; supervisor
151. Alice Gilderdale, HSPS, Robinson
152. Eleanor Fawcett, MML alum, Clare
153. Richard Causton, Reader in Composition; Fellow, King’s College
154. Isobel Wood, Chemical Engineering, Peterhouse
155. Amy Bottomley, Part II English, St John's College
156. Harriet King, Classics, Newnham
157. Ella Henry, Natural Sciences, Girton
158. Rachel Ibbott, Natural Sciences, Queens'
159. Theodore Brook, Natural Sciences, Selwyn
160. Joanna Choules, Computer Science, Fitzwilliam 2013-2016
161. Tom Ashton, English, Choir of Clare College 2015-18
162. Theodore Platt, Music (St John’s)
163. Ted Mackey, Music alum, Selwyn College
164. Sam Porteous, Geography, Sidney Sussex College
165. Keir McGregor, Music Alum, Selwyn College
166. Claire Shenfield, English, Murray Edwards College
167. Maisie Hulbert, BA and MPhil Music, Christ’s 2014-18
168. Emily Newlyn, Part II Music, Christ's College
169. Anna Ahlskog, MPhil Health Medicine and Society, King's College
170. Pia Rose Scattergood, Part II Music, Clare College
171. Emily Collinson, HSPS alumna, Jesus College
172. Anna Ryan, Part IB Music, Murray Edwards
173. Flora Frankopan, Classics, Christ's College
174. Jessica Summers, Singing Teacher, St Catharine’s College
175. Emma Rutter, Part II MML, Clare College
176. Saara Hassoun, MPhil ISO, Jesus
177. Ellissa Sayampanathan, MMus, Homerton College (alumna)
178. Alex Jones, Part II Music, Selwyn College
179. Roshni Prasad, Strategy Marketing and Operations, Peterhouse
180. Heather Conder, Music Alum, Emmanuel College
181. David Reavley, Music, Robinson College, 2015-2018
182. Jessica Hui, PhD in Music, Christ's College
183. Suzie Neave, Engineering, Queens'
184. Sol Alberman, Classics, King's
185. Rebecca Doherty, Music, Churchill College
186. Sarah Assaf, Music Alum, Clare College
187. Oscar Ridout, Music, Pembroke (former student)
188. Edan Umrigar, Music (2016-19), St. John's College
189. Louis Watkins, Music st johns
190. Shiobhan Low, IR, Cambridge
191. Erin Barnard, Music alumna, Girton College
192. James Ferrier, Music Part II, Selwyn
193. Eileen Henderson, MEd Counselling Wolfson College
194. Carys Jones, Part IA Music, Newnham College
195. Catherine Bird, Classics, Clare
196. Maddy Morris, Part IB Music, Girton College
197. Adrian Horsewood, Alumnus, Jesus College
198. Adam Behan, PhD in Music, Peterhouse
199. Alistair Burton, Part IA Music, Clare College
200. Max Goodall, Music Alum, Homerton College
201. Evelina Polyakov, Natural Sciences, Murray Edwards College, 2016-2019
202. Joanna Ward, Music, Jesus College (alumna)
203. Ariana Phillips-Hutton, PhD Music, Darwin (alumna); supervisor in Music
204. Evie Rae, History and French, Selwyn
205. Chris Hutchings, Maths, Pembroke College (alumnus, now a professional composer)
206. Hiroshi Amako, Music Alum, Trinity
207. Katie Marsden, Maths, Murray Edwards
208. Christopher Hedges, Music, Girton College
209. Eve Machin, MML, St. John's
210. Jemma Jeffery, Music Offer Holder (Christ's, 2020)
211. Benedict Turner-Berry, Part IB Music, Corpus Christi
212. Adrianna Hunt, English, St Catharine's College
213. Lauren V Hadley, Music, St John's (alumna)
214. Beatrice Thompson, Philosophy, Sidney Sussex
215. Tess Jackson, Part IB Music, Clare
216. Georgina Brown, Medicine, Cambridge
217. Ollie Todd, NatSci, Downing
218. Apolline Bokkerink, History of Art IIA, Trinity Hall
219. Anisha Choda, History, Trinity
220. Tally Levy, Psychology, King’s
221. Shameera Nair Lin, English, Lucy Cavendish
222. Katie Thacker, History, Churchill
223. Alexandra Nikolin, Natural Sciences, Fitzwilliam
224. Mariam Abdel-Razek, English, Trinity College
225. Tai Kirby, Engineering, St Catharine's College
226. Nicholas Ross, Natural Sciences, Homerton
227. Ethan St Catherine, Chemical Engineering, Gonville & Caius College
228. Max Leadbetter, English, Girton
229. Maria Calinescu, English, Christ's College
230. Andrea Kocsis, Archaeology, Wolfson (choral scholar)
231. Jonathan Iceton, Part II Music, Emmanuel College
232. Eleanor Fox, MPhil in Music, Emmanuel College
233. Ella Collier, MML, King's
234. Henrietta McFarlane , Music, Emmanuel
235. Katarina Sullivan, Music, Homerton College
236. Rachel Kendal, Music, St Catharine’s College
237. Stefanie Felsberger, Gender Studies, Darwin
238. Vanessa Paloma Elbaz, Research Associate, Music Faculty, Peterhouse
239. Kezhe Temir, History, St Catharine’s
240. Rae Morris, History, Queens’
241. Sam Greening, Music, King's College
242. Nathan Johns, Classics Homerton
243. Kathryn Cross, MML (alumna), Selwyn
244. Lara Weaver, Mphil Music Studies, St John's College
245. Helen McKeown, Music, Corpus Christi (alumna)
246. Anna Bennett, Music alum, Churchill
247. J.P.Gibbon, History alumnus, Pembroke
248. The Minerva Festival, Cambridge
249. Muhammad Lutfi Bin Othman, PhD student, Music (Ethnomusicology), Jesus College.
250. Ursula Perks, Music, Gonville and Caius (alumna)
251. Catherine Porter, Music alum, Robinson
252. Anna Forringer-Beal, Gender Studies, Jesus College
253. Hamish Innes, Natural Sciences, Christ's (2015-2019)
254. Hannah Haugvik, MML Part 1B , Homerton
255. Daniel Duffy, PhD (Engineering), Downing
256. Milly Atkinson, Music alum, Girton
257. Kip White-Saini, AMES, Clare
258. Cici Carey-Stuart, Music alum (2016-19), Corpus Christi
259. Joanna Mead, Natural Sciences, Homerton
260. Rachael Kennedy, Part II Music, Sidney Sussex College
261. Dara Winters, HSPS, St John's
262. Jonathan Nicolaides, Music Alumnus, Trinity
263. Noor Noor, Darwin (Alumnus)
264. Lily Indira Kirkby, History of Art, Trinity Hall
265. Cassia Rowland, HSPS alum, Clare
266. Umme-Kulsum Pisavadi , MML, Homerton
267. Helen Barker, MML, Queens’ (Alumna)
268. Jessica Hopkins, Part II Music, Clare
269. Misha Mullov-Abbado, Music, Gonville & Caius (alum)
270. Emily Myles, Music, Gonville & Caius (alumnus)
271. Lucy Lu Reimers, International Law (visiting student), Darwin
272. Fiammetta Fuller Gale, MPhil in Music Studies, Gonville & Caius
273. David Zheng, Music, Sidney Sussex
274. Neelay Sant, Engineering, Emmanuel
275. Anna Lapwood, Director of Music, Pembroke College
276. Oliver Pashley, Music, Clare (alumnus)
277. Martin Parker Dixon, CTA Sidney Sussex
278. Dr Nathan Mercieca, Supervisor, Music (G&C alum)
279. Eric Yang, Chemistry, Clare, 2015
280. John Bachelor, Music, Selwyn (alumnus)
281. Susanna Pointer, Music, Fitzwilliam (alumna)
282. Yasmin Dualeh, History, Sidney Sussex
283. Matthew Machin-Autenrieth, Senior Research Associate, Faculty of Music
284. Adelaide Yue, Medicine, Corpus Christi
285. Sarah Ali, English Lit. Homerton
286. Sam Aldersey-Williams, 2nd Year MML, King’s
287. Zak Price, Part III Natural Sciences, Clare
288. Susanna Eastburn, Music alumna, King’s
289. Leigh Denault, DoS and supervisor, History, Churchill
290. Khem Rogaly, History, King's College
291. Clover Willis, Music, Gonville and Caius (alumna)
292. Ella Songhurst, Classics (4 year) Magdalene
293. Ana Maria Lopez-Ruiz, Medicine 3rd Year, Sidney Sussex
294. Jasmin Tabaković, PhD social anthropology, Churchill
295. Lily Guenault, MML, Sidney Sussex
296. Gabriella Gilks, Medicine, Trinity
297. Samantha Pinches , Part IB Music, Fitzwilliam
298. Emily Crowhurst, Music- Homerton 2006-2009
299. Harriet Bradnock, Geography, Fitzwilliam
300. Geraint Owen, English, Pembroke
301. Chloe Allison, PhD student, music, Selwyn
302. Hannah Harding, Part IB Music, Downing
303. Katie Wild, Natural Sciences, Selwyn
304. Peter Asimov, PhD in Music, Clare College
305. Sarah Mead, Part IA Music, Lucy Cavendish
306. William O'Brien, Music, St Johns
307. Rachel Brown, Natural Sciences, Murray Edwards
308. Katie Guest, MML alum, Newnham College
309. Carl Jackson, Music, Downing (alumnus)
310. Philippa Matthews, Orchestral assistant, CUMS
311. Ignacio Mañá Mesas, Part II Music, St John's College
312. Richard Longman, Music, Robinson (alumnus)
313. Cesilie Welle, MMus, Wolfson (alumna)
314. Tara Cavan, MML, Emmanuel
315. Molly Noon, Part II Music, Trinity
316. Henri Durousseau, Engineering, Emmanuel
317. Tom Moy, Part II Music, Robinson
318. Matilda Wickham, History of Art, Queens'
319. Cleo Loi, Research Fellow in Astrophysics, Churchill College
320. Paul Callender, Music, Emmanuel (2012 - 2015)
321. Juliet Firth, Music, St Catharine’s College
322. Kirsty Ryall, Part IA music, Robinson
323. Peter Facer, Music, Girton (alumnus)
324. Kit Treadwell, ASNC, St Catharine’s
325. Anita Slater, Gender Studies, Darwin
326. Min Yen Ong, Teaching Associate, Faculty of Music
327. Paul Norris, English, Queens
328. Francis Brown, Part II Music, Trinity Hall
329. Dominic Carrington, Part IB Music, King's
330. Francis Bushell, Part IB Music, Robinson
331. Lauren Christiansen, MPhil, American Literature, Newnham
332. Molly Biddle, Lucy Cavendish College in HSPS; B.A in Music at Haverford College, USA
333. Megan Robinson, Music at Jesus
334. Fionn Connolly, Music (2015-2018), Sidney Sussex
335. Saffie Usher, Music, Selwyn (alumna)
336. Luisa Callander, Music, Homerton (alumna)
337. Jessica Ballantine, Music, King’s College (alumna)
338. Dr Susannah Self, Composition MPhil St Edmunds ( alumna), Composition PhD Royal Birmingham Conservatoire
339. Music MPhil student, Homerton
340. Beatrice Carpenter, Pembroke, Natural Sciences
341. Joseph Hancock, Music, St John’s
342. Alvaro Martinez, Maths, Selwyn (alumnus)
343. Nicholas Hall, Natural Sciences, Clare College
344. Lloyd Hampton, Part IB Music, Girton
345. Ben Nobuto, Music, Pembroke (alumna)
346. Seleni Sewart, Music alumna, Selwyn
347. Vee Tames, English, Newnham
348. Michael Stephens-Jones, Music Part IB, Selwyn
349. Maddy Trépanier, English, Corpus
350. Giverny McAndry, Music and Law, Fitzwilliam (alumna)
351. Alex Bispham, MML, Emmanuel
352. Eleanor Medcalf, Classics, Queens'
353. Kazal Oshodi, Engineering, St Catharines
354. Chay Graham, Natural Sciences, Magdalene College
355. Anna Bickerton, Medicine, Lucy Cavendish
356. Jessica Eccleston, Music alumni St Catharine's College
357. Jenny Perratt, Geography, St John’s
358. Nadia Singh, Natural Sciences, Cambridge
359. Genie Harrison, English, Queens’
360. Griff Rollefson, Former Lecturer, Faculty of Music/Girton College
361. Anita Monserrat, Music, Trinity (alumna)
362. Aisyah Yusoff, MPhil Social Anthropology, Hughes Hall
363. Bolin Dai, Medicine, Newnham
364. Ioana Diac, HSPS, Trinity Hall
365. Sophie Weymes-McElderry, MMLL, Murray Edwards College
366. Rachel Adelstein, Former Fellow, Corpus Christi College
367. Sara Poursafar, Law, Newnham College
368. Monique Ingalls, Former postdoctoral teaching fellow, Faculty of Music/Wolfson College
369. Natural Sciences student, Kings
370. Kirsten Paige, MPhil Music, St John's (alumna)
371. Margarita Kobrina, Architecture part II, Clare
372. Charo Havermans, History and Modern Languages Homerton
373. Joseph Shiner, Music, Gonville and Caius alumnus
374. Liz Samuel, Medicine, Christ’s
375. Sophie Purkis Charters, Music Part II, Jesus
376. Ashleigh Weir, English (alumna), Downing
377. Ella Williams, MML, Trinity Hall
378. Martha French, English, Pembroke
379. Robbie Haylett, Music, Girton
380. Nic Walker, Music, Homerton (alumnus)
381. Angelus Blank, Music Part IB, Homerton
382. Lucy Nolan, HSPS Trinity Hall
383. Bethany Hermaszewska, HSPS, St Catharine's
384. Matthew Pritchard, Music, Jesus College (alumnus)
385. Elizabeth MacGregor, Music alumna and supervisor, Selwyn
386. Hannah Jussli, MPhil Psychology & Education, Darwin
387. Mohammed Uzair Belgami, Social Anthropology, Trinity Hall
388. Ashley Chow, Part II Chemistry, Clare
389. Nicholas Bleisch, PhD, Music, King's (alumnus)
390. Giselle Overy, Classics, King's
391. Yvette Murphy, Part 1 Theology, Selwyn
392. Stella Hadjineophytou, Music, Emmanuel (alumna)
393. Éléonore Dées de Sterio, History of Art alumna, St John's
394. Martha Savage, Law, Trinity Hall
395. Louis Dexter, HSPS, Emmanuel College
396. Mabel Hoskins, English, Pembroke
397. Allison O'Malley Graham, HSPS, Murray Edwards College
398. Arjun Singh Lotay, HSPS, Girton
399. Lorna Bo, Medicine, Trinity Hall
400. Matilda Lammin, English, Trinity Hall
401. Katy Hempson, Medicine, Christ’s
402. Alice Tort, History and Politics, Newnham
403. Mark Englander, Computer science, Homerton
404. Rob MacLennan, Economics, St John's
405. Alex Tay, Alumnus, Kings and Churchill
406. Joanna Cheng, Maths, Magdalene (alumna)
407. Hannah Lewis, Classics, Pembroke
408. David Nunn, Music, Corpus Christi (alumnus)
409. Emily Callow, Music, Fitzwilliam
410. Ollie Banks, Sociology Queens
411. Elizabeth Faller, Education Studies with English and Drama, Homerton
412. Emily Glass, Music, Corpus Christi
413. Jo Miller, POLIS, St John's
414. Joshua Paul, Geography, Trinity Hall
415. Dr Naomi Waltham-Smith, Music alumna, Selwyn
416. Oliver Hutchings, Natural Sciences, St John's
417. Sebastian Baynes, Medicine, Corpus Christi
418. Lucy Thomas, Nat Sci alumnus, Emmanuel
419. Chloe Crossley, Linguistics, Emmanuel
420. Toby Chesser, Classics, Pembroke
421. Alexis Arrowsmith, Mathematics, Murray Edwards
422. James Dougal, Maths, St Catharine's (alumnus)
423. Thomas Sparkes, Part II Music, Girton
424. Iona MacPherson, Music, Fitzwilliam
425. Coral Dalitz, Cambridge
426. Frances Whittaker, HSPS, St John's
427. Olivia Sutherland, English, Christ's
428. Jillian DiPersio, MPhil Social Anthropology, Clare Hall
429. Andrea Seaton, Music Alumna, Girton
430. Simone Eringfeld, MPhil Education, Clare Hall
431. Rowan Gow, HSPS, Selwyn
432. Sophie Dawson, HSPS, Homerton College
433. Dylan Phelps, Computer Science, Christ's
434. Kate Foxton, MPhil Early Modern History, Jesus College
435. Isabel Bunce, HSPS, St Catharine's
436. Eliza Hawkins, PBS, Trinity Hall
437. Decolonise Geography
438. Queens' Arts Festival
439. Demilitarise Cambridge
440. Queens' Divest
441. Cambridge Defend Education
442. Lucienne Jacobs, Classics, Christ's
443. Laura Alexander, Music Alumna, Girton College
444. Jessica Henderson, HSPS, Robinson College
445. Priya Kaler, English, Fitzwilliam
446. Marianne Schofield, Music, Murray Edwards (alumna)
447. Elliott Park, MPhil (Composition), Queens' College (alumnus)
448. Beatrix Honigmann, Economics, Trinity Hall
449. Ina Krüger, 1A Natural Sciences, Magdalene
450. Emma-Rose Bouffler, English, Corpus Christi
451. Laura Dunkling, Music Alumna, Christ's
452. Jay Richardson, Pembroke, Music (alumnus)
453. Jenny Frost, MML, Selwyn
454. Joe Solomon, Music Part 1A , Homerton
455. Anastasia Kolomiets, History of Art, Fitzwilliam
456. Emily Winson-Bushby, Natural Sciences, St John's
457. Stephen R. Millar, M.Phil. Music Studies, Downing College (alumni)
458. Liam Shinar, Music, St Edmunds
459. Agnelle Groombridge, English, Trinity Hall
460. Monica Moreno Figueroa, Sociology, Downing College
461. Kieran Mathiak, Law, Pembroke College
462. Stephen Wilford, Research Associate, Music; Fellow, Wolfson College
463. Emily Durling, Medicine, Christ’s
464. Richard Gowers, Supervisor, Music Alumnus, King's College
465. Shanna Hart, Music/History and Philosophy of Science (alumna, supervisor)
466. Dunya Habash, PhD student, Music, St Edmunds
467. Elizabeth Hopkins, Linguistics, King's College
468. Joe Cotton, Department of Sociology
469. Michael Mofidian, Music, Jesus (alumnus)
470. Freya Watson, Economics, Murray Edwards
471. Louise Ayrton, Trinity College Alumna
472. Vera Wolkowicz, Music alumna, Jesus College
473. Lucas Pangaro, History, Emmanuel
474. Izzy Monnickendam, Land Economy, Jesus
475. Collin Edouard, Master of Music Choral Studies, Wolfson
476. Decolonise Sociology
477. The End Everyday Racism Project
478. Vidhya SK, PBS, Wolfson
479. Oliver Antczak, PhD Heritage Studies, Downing
480. Brigid Ehrmantraut, PhD ASNC, Wolfson College
481. Roan Runge, ASNC, Magdalene College
482. Ella Curry, English, Jesus
483. Gregory Serapio-García, PhD student, Psychology, St John’s College
484. Nick Rupert, MPhil in Music, Wolfson College
485. Anna Guasco, Geography, Hughes Hall
486. Yasmine Shafiq, Engineering, St John's college (alumna)
487. Philip Venables, Natural Sciences, Jesus College
488. Juliet Fraser, Music & History of Art, Selwyn College
489. Nicholas Eves, Natural Sciences, Selwyn
490. lauren long, HSPS, Trinity Hall
491. Megan Glover, History, Selwyn
492. Rachel Becker, Music alumna, St John's College
493. Mariel Orford-Hall, History, Clare College
494. Jacob Davies, MPhil, Corpus Christi
495. Laura Saunders, Homer rob College, Education & Music
496. Tabitha Kusi-Yeboah, Medicine - Wolfson College
497. Ruiyi Zhu, Social Anthropology, Downing College
498. Susanna Mauer, English, Newnham College
499. Sara Mohr-Pietsch, Music, Newnham College
500. Christopher Gillett, Music, King's
501. Harriet Hammans, English, Christ's
502. Alex Maynard, Music, Robinson (alumnus)
503. Lois Eastburn, Linguistics, Trinity
504. Rachel Sweet, Music alumna, Homerton
505. Lucy Weston, BEd Homerton
506. Shalini Medepalli, Development Studies, Newnham College
507. Helen Robertson, Homerton PGCE Primary 5-11yrs (Alumnus)
508. Roxane Noël, Philosophy (PhD), Wolfson
509. Holly Martin, Engineering, Downing College
510. Peter Ford, Maths, Trinity (alumnus)
511. Brian Mummert, MMus, Trinity
512. Alex Rehding, Music, Queens' (alumnus)
513. Callum Sullivan, Part II Music, Downing
514. Becca Testa, Part 1A Natural Sciences, Clare College
515. Colin Danskin, Music, Jesus College (2010-13)
516. Bethan Moss, MML, Homerton
517. Maro Okiti, HSPS, Trinity Hall College
518. Chloë Wennersten, Music, Girton College (alumnus)
519. Julia Ient, Music alumna, Selwyn
520. Sarah Royle, Natural sciences, Trinity Hall
521. KC Onuorah, Law, Kings
522. Liam Elliot, MPhil Emmanuel (2015)
523. Clare Hoskins, Music, Trinity 1984-87
524. Gavin Roberts, Music, Gonville and Caius (alumnus)
525. Roberto Canales, Chemistry
526. Jamie Handitye, Mathemics, Christ's College
527. Julia Nana-Dabankah , HSPS Fitz
528. Jazal Babar, History, Robinson College
529. Ian Wang, English, Corpus Christi College (alumnus)
530. Jaina Umeria, Geography Queens'
531. Yasmin Adewusi, Medicine, Gonville and Caius
532. Andre Johnsen, Mst Social Innovation, Hughes Hall
533. Hannah Girma, Economics, King's
534. Jake Simms, HSPS, Christ's College
535. Naoise Murphy, PhD Gender Studies, Newnham
536. Sona Popat, Biological Natural Sciences, Downing
537. Norman Alan Armstrong, Geography.Theology Gonville and Caius
538. Lyn Jenkins, Natural sciences. Kings. 1968-1971
539. Josephine Stephenson, Music, Clare College (alumna)
540. Ardis Smith, MPhil History, St John's (alumna)
541. Alice Rose , BA Music (King's), current DPhil candidate at St Hilda's, Oxford.
542. Emma Kavanagh, BA Music, Jesus College (2013-2016)
543. Lee Reeve, Physics, Jesus
544. Finlay Stafford, Mathematics, Sidney Sussex (alumnus)
545. George Speck, Music (alumnus), Robinson
546. Aditya Chander, Music, Magdalene (alumnus)
547. Phoebe McFarlane, Music, Murray Edwards (2013-16)
548. Helen Snelling, Pendlebury Library, Faculty of Music
549. Jerene Nathalie Anderson, Human, Social and Political Sciences, Lucy Cavendish
550. Murray Chapman, Part II Music, Selwyn
551. Chris McFarlane, HML, Queens'
552. Lottie Anstee, Music, Churchill College
553. Imogen Flower, Music, Emmanuel (2013-16)
554. Dale Christmas, PGCE Music (Churchill), MEd (Wolfson)
555. Patrick Sheppard, Part 1B Music, Selwyn College
556. Sofiya Gatens, MPhil - Jesus
557. Dennis Rader, MSc Anthropology, Wolfson College
558. Nell Catchpole, Social Anthropology, Corpus Christi (alumnus)
559. Mark Corrigan, BA History alumnus, Selwyn
560. Edward Henderson, Music, St John's College (alumnus)
561. Tomás McAuley, Former post-doc, Faculty of Music
562. Thom Andrewes, Music, Jesus (alumnus)
563. Chris Brammeld, PhD Music, Clare Hall
564. Megan Webb, Music, Emmanuel
565. Finn Beames, English, Kings (alumnus)
566. Ross Cole, Fellow, Homerton
567. Ed Aldcroft, Music, Emmanuel College (alumnus)
568. Ilana Harris, MPhil in Music, Emmanuel
569. Rose Bugel-Shunra, Classics, Downing College
570. The St Margaret's Society - the Music Society of Queens' College Cambridge
571. Oliver Norman, Geography, Selwyn
572. Syed Ali Ahmad, Natural Sciences, Selwyn College
573. Macsen Brown, MML offer holder, Selwyn
574. Eric Petzoldt, PhD student, Music, Wolfson
575. Frances Matthews, Music, Caius
576. Paul Newton-Jackson, PhD Student, Music, Corpus Christi College
577. Wayne Weaver, Music (PhD) Wolfson
578. Sophie Gledhill, Music, Clare (alumna)
579. Naomi Woo, Music (PhD), Clare College

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