FPHK 月經教育大使招募 Call for Ambassador
如您有意成為「月經教育大使」,與不同階層人士交流經驗及傳播正向月事教育知識,請即填寫報名表,讚好及追蹤我們的Facebook & Instagram 專頁。

Free Periods HK 期待有您同行!

If you wish to know and exchange with menstrual activists from different sectors and backgrounds; if you wish to share knowledge about menstrual health, hygiene, stigma and taboo, don’t hesitate to become our menstrual education ambassador! Apply simply by filling in the application form below (Don’t forget to like and follow our Facebook & Instagram page !)

We look forward to seeing you!

About Free Periods HK: https://freeperiods.hk/
Facebook & Instagram: freeperiods.hk
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