R-Type Multiple Choice
NOTE: This is a demake of the third level of Irem’s 1987 arcade game R-Type, retold as an interactive story. You'll need a dice to make rolls and something to write down your armaments (and points if you wish). If you enjoy this non-commercial tribute to a beautiful videogame experience, support Irem and R-Type by purchasing R-Type Dimensions for the Xbox or R-Type Command for the PSP, both of which are great.

Sent on a mission to save earth from an invasion of our descendents’ design, YOU are the lone earth pilot sent to take down a transdimensional battlecruiser! YOU power up your R-9 ship with cannibalised biomatter from Bydo tech! YOU choose your strategy – from silent-running stealth to gun-blazing agresssion.

Now blast off and strike the Bydo empire!


1. Stood in the clear blowglass cockpit of your R-9 ship, you dare to take your hand from the joystick for a second, flexing your tired fingers as alien structures scroll above and below your head. The Bydo. The knotted aberrations of their organic-industrial hybridizations were familiar from the lurid vidchits you’d seen on channel 50000. And now your ship was wrapped in them: a manoeuvrable bullet sent to kill a civilisation.

You’d penetrated their outer defences; the formation fighters and mecha, the wheel of chain cannons perched sarcastically on the metal carcasses of your comrades’ fallen ships. You’d survived a terrifying game of hide and seek between coiling Bydo serpents to destroy ‘the Cyst’ - an unholy orifice of glistening tubes and corpuscles. And you’d won - drinking deeply from the well of your own power as you sent arcing spasms of red and blue lasers to decimate your enemies.

But now, as the dire hulk of the Bydo battlecruiser slides into view ahead of you, its surface lined with cannons, the enemy has never seemed so overwhelming, your nimble R-9 so fragile...

The gigantic, whale-like ship cuts waves in the lower atmosphere, relentlessly pushing forward. The task ahead of you is daunting. The only way to reach the ship’s vulnerable core is to manoeuvre your craft past the behemoth battlecruiser while avoiding being dashed on the rocks above and below it.

“Take out the rear thruster!!” Your lieutenant shouts in your ear, as white heat waves of anti-matter irradiate inches from your ship. You bank, blasting a Bydo hopper out of the sky (+200 points) and attaching the powerful FORCE DEVICE to the front of your R-9 (+1 to POWerups) as you ponder your next move.

Will you -
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