GroundWork Accelerator Application
Before completing this application form, you should review closely the GroundWork program information link below.

GroundWork Program Overview:

Once you understand the program to be a good fit for your team, then there are three steps to the GroundWork Accelerator application process.

Step 1) Determine Your Eligibility.

Startup Haven Members Only:
Only approved startup members are considered for GroundWork accelerator.
Startup Haven membership is free and takes only a few minutes to apply.

Product in Market:
Your product must be live and available for use by arms-length customers.

Product Traction:
Your product must have already generated some initial traction with arms-length customer(s).

Step 2) Investor Match Profile:

Once your Startup Haven membership has been approved, your next step is to complete an Investor Match profile. ( Your Investor Match profile is an essential component of the GroundWork application process. You may continue this application before completing your Investor Match profile but your GroundWork application will not be considered complete until you submit a Startup Haven Investor Match profile.

Step 3) Complete this application form.

Once you have determined your eligibility and completed your Investor Match profile, then complete this form.
I attest that I have reviewed the links above and I believe my startup meets the minimum GroundWork requirements. *
Have you submitted your Investor Match profile yet? *
Submitting an investor match profile is required to be considered for the GroundWork accelerator.
What is your Startup Haven membership number? *
Only current members of Startup Haven are allowed to participate in the GroundWork accelerator program. If you don't have your Startup Haven member number handy, just email us at and we'll send it to you.
First Name *
Last Name *
Company Name *
Which GroundWork chapter are you applying for? *
Briefly describe the next milestone you want to achieve for your startup over the next four to nine months. *
The objective of the GroundWork program is to help you build a cogent plan to achieve what you think is the most important next milestone. Throughout the program, we will backwards from your miles stone to assess what must be true in order for you to achieve your goal withing the time frame you set and the resources you have available.
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