DSS Interpreting Services Request Form
NOTE: The Office for Disability Support Services assumes the responsibility to provide interpretation services for GW students who have registered with us to ensure full accessibility to essential components of their program of study. Their participation in Commencement activities, for example, falls under our purview. Please complete and submit the form below for any interpreting requests for these students necessary to facilitate their participation in classes or events directly connected to their academic requirements.

However, if you are seeking to arrange interpreting services for other, non-DSS student, attendees, please note you are expected to handle the arrangements and assume all financial responsibility for those services. If you need help identifying a service provider for your event, please email dssat@gwu.edu for more information.

GW students registered with DSS - Please complete and submit the form below for an interpreting request for your classes or events which fall under your academia requirements.

We ask that ALL request must be placed 72 business hours prior to the start date and time of the session. Our business hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

An interpretation confirmation will be sent to you once the request has been approved.
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ATTENTION: DSS is only responsible to provide interpreters/CART services for our deaf and hearing-impaired students in conjunction with their classes or other required academic activities. Other programs, departments, student groups, etc. are to incorporate the university's commitment to full inclusion into their best practices and budget for these and any other accommodations that may be needed by participants independently.
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