Essence of Dharma
Essence of Dharma is a monthly program offering from Anaadi Foundation from Jan to June 2021. The program is free of cost. Voluntary contributions are welcome
About the Program
This humble offering from Anaadi Foundation will introduce the participants to various dharmic works blending stories, discussions, philosophical insights and yogic practices. The narration will be in English interleaved with Sanskrit vocabulary suitable to a contemporary audience.

Sh. Adinarayanan and Smt. Smrithi Adinarayanan are founders of Anaadi Foundation. They have reached out to more than 30,000 people through their educational, sustainability, scientific and well-being based programs. Both of them teach courses on Inner Development at IIT Delhi and Sh. Adinarayanan is an Adjunct Professor of practice at NRCVEE, IIT Delhi. With global exposure and rooted in the parampara, Adinarayanan and Smrithi bring the essence of their tapasya, swadhaya and shraddha into all their program offerings. Adinarayanan has had the good fortune of spending more than 150 days in Mouna Tapasya in complete isolation and minimal food intake. Anaadi Foundation's Yatras and Mahabharata programs attract participants from all over the world. Since April 2020, Anaadi Foundation has reached out to more than 3000 people through their online offerings on Mahabharata, Yoga, Sustainability and Kathalaya.
For each of the Dharmic works, a chapter by chapter retelling will be offered. This will be interleaved with discussions drawing from modern science and thought process including Governance, Economics, Social Sciences, Astronomy, Health sciences etc. There will be opportunity for participants to interact with the teachers during the session and through the course platform as well.
Mouna Sadhana Details
The Mouna Sadhana will be integrated into your daily routine.
1. Orientation program will be offered on Thursday preceding the start of the program. It will be a 30 minutes orientation
2. On Saturday and Sunday, the Mouna Sadhana guidelines will be offered online from 6.30 am to 9.30 am and 6.30pm to 9.30 pm. The Mouna will be followed only during these slots i.e 3 hrs in the morning and 3 hrs in the evening
3. From 9.30 am-6.30 pm it is non-mouna time where you can engage in regular work and also communicate at home and professionally. It will be a regulated activity period without too much indulgence.
Platform and Timings
The program will be offered via google meet (any changes to this will be communicated with the participants). Participants will get access to course content via google classroom.

Time: Each of these monthly sessions will be offered for 10 days from 8.00 pm to 9.00 pm IST. Any changes to this will be communicated before hand.

Jan 18-27: Shiva Purana
Jan 30-31: Mouna Sadhana

Feb 15-24: Yogasutra of Patanjali
Feb 27-28: Mouna Sadhana

Mar 15-24: Devi Bhagavatam
Mar 27-28: Mouna Sadhana

Apr 12-21: Message of the Upanishads
Apr 24-25: Mouna Sadhana

May 17-26: Shrimad Bhagavatam
May 29-30: Mouna Sadhana

June 14-23: Shrimad Bhagavadgita
June 26-27: Mouna Sadhana

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