Love, Peace & Flows | "It Is Written 6" (June 29, 2019 | 6pm) #ItIsWritten6
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Show Description

LL Cool J once said, "Give me an hour plus a pen and a pad," to summarize his ability to write quality rhymes in a limited amount of time. It Is Written will feature 12 song writers (emcees, poets, a person that can recite words to music, etc.) that will be given an hour to write a 16 bar verse to a tracks produced by talented musicians from right here in the city. At the end of the hour, the participants (grouped in teams of 3's) will come up to the stage and perform the audience inspired songs they've just written!

This is an event designed to showcase the song writing talents in and around Birmingham, Alabama that is often overlooked. The community created art is recorded and shared digitally back to the community.

-Al Elliott

If you would like to make a suggestion for the scribes... & To pay $30 for a shirt click

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