BSides San Antonio 2019 - Call for Presenters
BSides San Antonio is returning on Saturday June 8th, 2019!

This is a chance to share about that thing you are really good at, just getting started with, or are excited to share experiences about. Looking for 'The Next Big Thing' takes all kinds, so that means you. Yes YOU. The person reading this. If you find yourself here and aren't sure if you should submit, that's a definite sign that we want to help you get your start.

We are looking for presenters to speak in our four conference tracks:
- In the Clouds - Concepts, strategy, and industry challenges (40 minutes)
- In the Weeds - Technical and detailed (40 minutes)
- In the Beginning - Introduce your topic or research (20 minutes OR 40 minutes)
- In the Thick of It - Career talks & industry panels (40 minutes)

Please provide an email address where we can reach you regarding your presentation through the date of the conference, it will not be shared. If your talk is selected we'll publish your name, bio, presentation title and abstract in the conference program and on our website.

Presenters are expected to bring their own devices, although it may be possible to work with those who only are able to bring slide decks. A limited range of adapters may be available, but better to plan to bring your own, just in case.

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Speaker Mentorship Program
Would you like a mentor to help you polish your slides & practice presentation skills? Whether this is your first or tenth time presenting at a security conference, our mentors are here to help you give the best presentation possible.

(If you're interested in being a mentor see our Call for Mentors form:

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