2018 ICPC North American Qualifier Problem Solicitation
Thanks for responding to our call to contribute problems. Please describe your problem's subject, difficulty, and some details about the problem below. If you want to suggest multiple problems, please fill out and submit this form multiple times.

Please submit your problem ideas by *May 28, 2018*.

If you have questions, please contact Greg Hamerly (hamerly@cs.baylor.edu).

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Use your best guess. Rate it relative to how difficult it would be at your regional competition.
Please give a 1-2 paragraph description of the problem, including the "story" surrounding the problem. *
This is a description so that we understand what the problem is about, not a fully developed problem statement. The "story" here is the way you intend to present the problem's description to the contestant (e.g. "John and Sally are riding bikes around town and want to get to the ice cream parlor quickly...").
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