Student Excellence Awards
Awards Criteria
- Schools must be full members of the NZ Area Schools Association
- Students must have been enrolled in and attended a New Zealand Area School within the last 12
months and have attained the achievement whilst enrolled in an Area School
- Students who are nominated must be enrolled in a full member Area School in the year of
nomination and either has left school or remain enrolled in an Area School
- Schools are able to nominate students based on the criteria
- Achievements can be recognised over any field of endeavour at the highest level and could include
for example:
o NZQA Scholarship success
o National Sporting Representation
o National Cultural Achievements
o Ability to overcome barriers/hardship
- It is expected that all nominees have shown good citizenship at school and their community
- Awardees would be requested to provide a brief bio, a statement of the achievement and a
photo/video caption related to their achievement.
- From the list of nominations, the Executive will award a number of awards which fit the criteria.
- Honours awards will be published on the website and in the handbook.

Nominations Close - Friday the 9th of July 2021
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