Player Dispensation Request 2018
A panel of three people, Canterbury Hockey volunteers who are members of CHA operational committees, make decisions on dispensation requests.

The following applies for dispensation requests:
1. Requests are to be received by 12 noon Wednesday, for a decision to be given by 5.00pm on the Friday.
3. It is accepted that occasionally requests will not meet the deadline (as noted in "1" above); in such situations, Canterbury Hockey will not be held accountable should a decision not be possible within the time-frames needed by the requesting club. Any such requests should be followed up with an email immediately after lodging a "late" request.
4. Decisions will be given to club secretaries.

Note: all requests and decisions will be publicly available (on the CHA website). This form is checked each Wednesday at 12pm. Please follow up with CHA if you have any concerns about your application.

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If the space provided below limits the reason and explanation, please send the COMPLETE reason through in an email, to - the office will manually add the data.
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