CEED and NID Survey - 1
This Survey has been designed to let me know your preferences as well as requirements so as to modify and design Stuff You Look (SYL) blog posts accordingly. SYL blog was basically started with a view to help you with CEED and other design exams.

This survey would also help you indirectly !

- Bhanu Chander (SYL)
To what extent does SYL blog's 'Part-A mock tests' helping you ?
To what extent 'Everyday Design practice' exercises are helping you ?
In Which section of SYL blog, do you feel like having more information (Check as many as you like)
Are the blog posts relevant to your search/course study ?
What is your sketching level ?
You applied for which programs ?
Which exam has the highest priority - which exam you are concerned more ?
What is your educational background
Are the comments at the end of each blog posts informative ?
What do you say about the blog article's language and explanations
In what other forms, do you get help for CEED and related practices
Are you getting reviews and feedback for your design and sketch works when posted in FB, forums or when shared in mails with friends and/or seniors
Did you any time helped your friends or group mates in giving feedback to their works ?
In what way do you intend to help upcoming aspirants, from the subsequent years (if you get selected for design programs) ? select many
Which social media is helping you (top) to get updates about SYL blog posts
Which best describes you
If preparing for NID, Do you have appropriate materials, and are you getting help from NID'ans ?
If you get into NID's, will you help next year students in any form (social media, mails, personally etc)
Are you satisfied with the blog's design, navigation, search etc. Is the blogs navigation system easy. Are you able to find right topics ?
Overall, what rating do you wish to give for SYL in a scale of 1 to 10 ? (10 being top)
How inspiring are the blog topics in motivating you positively to write design exam ?
Do you wish to get reviews and feedback of your designs, sketches and other works through mail ?
Any additional comment you wish to add ? anything you wanted to include in the blog, any specific topic you wish to be covered in the blog, any other changes to be made to make it more useful to students ?
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