Helium Grant Application: Winter 2018
Hi! Thanks for your interest in applying for a Helium Grant. These grants are given out to people on the internet to further their personal goals and interests.

A few things to note:

* Please read the FAQ (http://www.heliumgrant.org/#faq) before applying
* Applications close on December 30, 2018 at 9PM PT
* If the form successfully submitted, your application has been received. Due to volume, I cannot comment on the status of specific applications. Expect a followup email by January 9, 2019, letting you know whether you received a grant or not.
* Please only submit a proposal that you can achieve with an additional $1000. If your proposal requires more money, this isn't the right grant for you.
* Out of fairness to others, please only submit *one* application. If you have multiple ideas, choose only one to submit. If you submit multiple applications, you will be disqualified.
* Your application may be shared with additional grant sponsors. Otherwise, I promise it won't be shared with anyone.

Thanks for taking part in this grand experiment!

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Briefly describe your expected timeline for the grant funds, including any steps you've already taken towards your goal. *
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