Organic SEED Potato Order Form (2020)
One Straw Society is pleased to be distributing certified organic seed potatoes from Helmer Organic Farm in Pemberton BC! These are certified seed potatoes, considered to be among the heartiest and perfect for our unique coastal climate and pests. Check out this link for more information on the unique seed potatoes in this region:

There is very LIMITED SUPPLY and typically big demand for these amazing potatoes... this is only increased due to the public health emergency at hand. Orders are limited to 10 pounds per potato (40 lbs maximum order) to ensure fair distribution to everyone wanting them.

Orders are on a first-pay basis, payable after your order has been confirmed. E-transfer is preferred.
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Average annual consumption per person = ~35-50 lbs fresh & frozen
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THIS & THAT - yield, pickup, storage, etc.
* 1 lb seed = 5 to 10 lbs harvested potatoes
* Average family of 4 will eat 40-100 lbs of potatoes per year, requiring approx 5 to 20 lbs of seed

PICKUP: Potatoes will be available for pickup in ROBERTS CREEK (right in town near the Legion). Address and details will be sent by email when your order is confirmed.

STORAGE: Store potatoes in a cool dry place. They will keep at room temperature for up to two weeks and all winter when stored in cooler temperatures - ideally 5 degrees celcius, in paper or cardboard (basement, garage or cold cellar work great).
* Do not store in the refrigerator. COLD temperatures will convert the starches into sugar and the potato will become sweet and turn a dark color when cooked. It is also suggested that potatoes not be stored with onions as the gas given off by onions accelerates the decay of potatoes.

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