Oscar Gala Voting - Winter 2018
This time has come. You've nominated a lot of our friends, however, the winner can be only one. Well, or 16 in this case.
Choose wisely, because you can pick only one person for each cathegory.

Best of luck!
ESN-EYE team

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Happiest Soul
Is this person always cheerful, but you don't know why? Does this drive you crazy? If yes, that's the person we are looking for :)
Party Animal
All day, all night, que no pare la fiesta! When you are going to classes, she/he may just be coming back from the party. Or not yet. Definitely not yet.
Best Dancer
With or without alcohol he/she knows the moves!
Heaviest Drinker
You don't need to tell this person „let's go for a drink” because... every day is a drinking day!
Selfie Addict
There's no need to say: "let's take a selfie!" - this person has already taken hundreds of them :) You don't believe me? Check her/his facebook. Or instagram. Or tumblr. Or...any social media :)
Sweet talkin', sugar coated, always surrounded by the ladies. Keep your girls close as he will win them all!
This gorgeous babe every guy wants to date, but watch out boys, she will break your heart!
The Cutest Couple
It doesn't matter if you hate them or love them, they are just the best couple walking on Earth!
Best Roomates
You can't imagine spending so much time with one person, right? Yet these two are inseparable!
Style Creator
Every evening before going to bed, this person chooses his/her outfit for the next day. When it comes to a party he/she is always late... why? "I didn't know what to wear".
Best Polish Speaker
Even with the knowledge of every possible polish swear word, this person wants to more know!
This person has already been everywhere. She/he lives by one rule – travel as much as you can!
Best ESNer
You just can't imagine your Erasmus life without this person from ESN! She/he is not only an ESNer but one of your true friends here.
Mentor of Dreams
Everybody knows her/him as „The Best Mentor Ever”. The most awesome person in Łódź - always helpful, extremely sociable and what's most important: always there for you!
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