Interested in a custom mask order?

Hello friends! I'm using this form to collect a limited number of custom mask orders from folks who need masks that differ greatly from those available in my shop.

Please note that this form is for people looking for masks with construction and sizing edits, not alternative fabrics, patterns, and/or colorways. I am taking on a maximum of eight (8) custom requests per week with a limit of four (4) masks per customer. Make sure to read the whole thing before signing up!

• each adult mask will cost $14
• each child mask will cost $12
• the same disclaimers and donation/mutual aid policies in my shop will apply to these purchases
• shipping is $3 for USPS First Class mail or $6 for USPS Priority Mail

• I will reach out via e-mail to confirm and clarify your order
• once we have finalized the details, I will send you an invoice/money request via Square (major credit cards), PayPal, or Venmo
• masks will ship within 10 days of payment
• if you want me to ship these directly to someone who isn't you, make sure you leave YOUR name and e-mail address in the appropriate fields and THEIR name in the address collection field!

When I've reached the maximum number of sign ups, this form will temporarily close and I will post an update about its reopening on my Instagram account (@so_gingerly).

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions -

Email address *
Your full name: *
Name and mailing address for mask shipment: *
How many masks do you need to order? *
Mask Style (use n/a for any mask # you're not ordering) *
Option A - pleated panel
Option B - sculpted panel
Mask #1
Mask #2
Mask #3
Mask #4
Mask Attachment Style (use n/a for any mask # you're not ordering) *
elastic ear loops
cotton twill tape ties
Mask #1
Mask #2
Mask #3
Mask #4
Please identify the sizing for each mask - adult-thin, adult-fat, or child-sized. (use n/a for any mask # you're not ordering) *
adult - fat
adult - thin
Mask #1
Mask #2
Mask #3
Mask #4
Please list fabric colors/design preferences here, separating preferences by mask number, if applicable. Ideally you'd select fabrics that are currently available in my shop (, but I will accommodate special exceptions on a case-by-case basis!
Any other thoughts, considerations, and/or comments can be left here! Do you want a customization not listed here such as around-the-head elastic? Extra fabric to cover your beard? Ties/loops made from something other than elastic/twill tape (ie. jersey/knit)? A slot along the bridge of your nose for a piece of bendable metal which provides a tighter fit? This is the place!
How would you like to pay? *
What kind of shipping would you like? *
Are you ready to do this? *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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