One-on-One Tutoring Request Form (CS 370 Spring 2019)
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After your tutoring session, you MUST fill out this feedback form within 48 hours. (Otherwise, EE/CS will email you.)

Tutoring is on a rolling basis all semester; this is the only official form to request tutoring. You will likely be contacted within a week (on next Sunday or Monday) by a tutor. Not receiving a tutoring appointment after signing up repeatedly is likely due to not following the format guidelines properly - we receive thousands of requests, this is your responsibility.

About CS370 and our one-on-one tutoring: (
Please fill out the form accurately regarding topics, as it will help your tutor ensure a useful and constructive tutoring session. The more availability you list, the higher chance you have to receive a tutoring appointment.

We currently offer tutoring for CS 10, 61A, 61B, 61C, 70, 88, and EE 16A.
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