SoCal Surf Baseball Try Out
Please complete the SoCal Surf Baseball Try Out form below. A coach will provide you with a printed copy of your completed form when you arrive at the try out.

***Please note that there is a $25 suggested donation per tryout session to cover costs and training.***
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I acknowledge and agree that participation may result in physical injury or illness. I authorize Southern California Surf Athletics and its representatives, heirs, successors and administrators to act for me in any emergency and waive and release them from any and all liability and hold harmless for any illness, injury, claim or losses sustained from this event. I agree to reimburse for any loss or costs that may be paid as a result or such action or claim. I am responsible for any medical and related bills due to illness or injury during or as a result of any Southern California Surf Athletics event or while traveling to and from the site of the event whether or not the event actually occurs. I give permission to Southern California Surf Athletics to use my child's image, name or voice related to promotion or advertising, without compensation, and without any right to inspect or approve copies. Furthermore, I understand there is a suggested donation of $20/tryout session to cover costs and training. *
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