2021 OLA Conference Program Proposal Form
Thank you for your interest in proposing a program for the 2021 OLA Conference, to be held virtually April 21st-24th. Programs for the conference are educational sessions on topics relevant to the library profession. With your contribution, we hope to build a slate of content that is engaging, informative, diverse, and inspiring! This year’s conference theme is "Equity, Diversity and Inclusion." We highly encourage program submissions that are related to this year's theme in some way, but it is not absolutely required. Submissions are open to anyone, regardless of membership status. Please complete this form and submit no later than 12:00AM, November 1, 2020. All submissions will be notified of proposal status by November 16, 2020.

General submission information:
-Please be aware that you must be able to present your program in either a pre-recorded video format or in a live Zoom meeting format (with moderated chat and/or moderated Q&A) during the conference, whether it features a single presenter or panelists. The conference A/V coordinators will work with presenters to provide best practices and technical assistance for creating the best virtual experience possible for attendees. The conference committee is exploring all possible options to assist presenters in creating dynamic and engaging content.

-Be aware that it is unlikely every proposal will be accepted. Strong proposals covering similar topics may be requested to combine into one program to provide varying perspectives on the topic and to ensure that we have room on the schedule for diverse offerings. Program Coordinators will make every effort to suggest alternative opportunities as appropriate (such as panel discussions, lightning talks, poster sessions, etc.) to allow for as much engagement and collaboration as possible at the conference.

-Refer to "Tips for a Great Program Proposal" (on the conference website and here): https://t.ly/eLhJ for recommendations on creating a successful proposal.

If you have questions about this process or other conference program matters, contact the Conference Committee Program Coordinators at olaprograms@olaweb.org

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Primary Contact
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Enter the first and last name of the ONE lead person who will serve as Program Contact for this proposal. The Program Committee will communicate directly with this person and this person will be responsible for sharing any communication with other presenters or sponsors.
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Conference Program Information
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Enter a short, specific title that indicates the nature of the presentation. The title of your session should be eye-catching and informative. This is the title attendees will see on the conference website.
Program Description *
In 100 words or less, provide your program's description in narrative format. Like the program title, the description should be concise and grab the attention of your intended audience. Focus on the most interesting aspects and convey why your session will make conference attendance worthwhile. This description will be used on the conference website and may be edited for fit and clarity.
Program Outcomes *
Please succinctly list 1-3 specific learning outcomes. What are the takeaways and how will the program enhance attendees' professional lives?
Was this program previously approved for the OLA 2020 Conference in Bend? *
Did you submit this program in the fall of 2019 and was it accepted by the OLA Conference Committee for presentation at the April 2020 OLA conference in Bend that was cancelled?
Target Audience *
Select who will most benefit from attending this program. Keep in mind that attendees are employed in urban, suburban, and rural areas. They work at public, private, school, and special libraries; further, in addition to library workers, they may be administrators, trustees, educators, nonprofit leaders, students, and retirees. Check as many as apply, but try limiting to no more than four.
Program Length *
While preferred session lengths cannot be guaranteed, every effort will be made to accommodate your request. It has yet to be determined if the preconferences will be held Wednesday, April 21, or if the preconferences may occur in late March or early April instead of the week of the conference (to help alleviate Zoom fatigue). Virtual design has yet to be determined. Regular conference session lengths may also be adapted as we design the virtual conference experience. All participants will be notified upon program approval of their session length.
Program Format *
It is anticipated that there will an offering of live presentations and pre-recorded on-demand sessions. Some live presentations may have the option of live Q&A following the presentation or moderated Q&A during the presentation. Some pre-recorded sessions may also be able to offer a live Q&A following the initial release of the presentation. From the choices below, select those that best provide the format you are willing to be utilize for your program.
Additional Comments
If necessary, provide any clarification or additional information, such as special requirements regarding presenters, scheduling requests, or A/V concerns.
Sponsorship and Financial Support
PLEASE READ BEFORE COMPLETING THIS SECTION. Presenters are encouraged to seek support from their employers to cover the costs of conference participation, or to request sponsorship from and OLA Division/Unit, Section, or other library advocate or support group.
OLA Internal Sponsor(s)
If applicable, state the OLA internal group sponsor for this program. Sponsorship is defined as verbally agreed-upon support from the chair or a particular internal group for a specific Program proposal PRIOR to its submission. Such support may be financial, logistical, or through content/speaker contributions. OLA units may be found here: www.olaweb.org/ola-units.
Presenter Honorarium
Other Expenses
Total Expenses
Please provide the total anticipated and who will cover those expenses.
Provide any clarification of anticipated expenses
For example, if the anticipated expenses are divided between more than on presenter or sponsor, let us know how that breaks down.
Program Presenter(s)
The Primary Contact named above is responsible for being the liaison between program presenter(s) and Conference Planners. If this proposal is accepted, the Conference Planners will assist the Primary Contact with program coordination prior to and during the event. Please note that regarding conference attendance, registration fees are waived only for presenters who will be attending solely to present their own program and will NOT be attending any other portion of the conference. Please provide COMPLETE contact information for each presenter. In most cases, we recommend having no more than four presenters. If you need to enter more presenters, please use the last Notes/Comments field.
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