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Thank you for your interest in MMTEC. We are excited to meet you.  Please fill out the form below email when completed.
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Pre-Admission Evaluation                                                Modern Montessori Teacher Education College reserves the right to counsel an individual prior to admission of the teacher preparation program.  Please see MMTEC and AMS general policies for information on transfers, continuing students enrollment, and dismissal procedures.                                                                     Please acknowledge by typing "I acknowledge" below.  
List 3 characteristics of nurturing.  
Name your strengths when working with children.  
Name your personality strengths when working with adults.  
What makes a team dysfunctional?
What are your overall goals in regards to a Montessori Teacher Preparation Program?
Describe current trends in elementary education.
Describe a situation with students where you felt successful.  
What is something about you that you think we should know.  
Are you proficient in using a computer and recording devices? *
Tuition Agreement  (Please type "I acknowledge"                            Application Fee     $200                                                                        Tuition, Books and Materials, Certification Fees,  MACTE/AMS Affiliation
                                                      Total Fees:   $10,573  
                             * Tuition is based on a rate of $160.00 per unit     ** Approximate cost     ***Prices subject to change without notice. The application fee for full time students is due at the time of enrollment.  Full time students may make their tuition payments on a monthly payment schedule.  The monthly payment plan is established each semester and requires 25% of the semester tuition due upon enrollment with the balance divided over the following four months of the semester.  If you choose the full time student payment plan, your tuition will include a 15% interest fee.  The application fee for part time students is due at time of enrollment.  If a part time student is taking several units during a semester and wishes to make tuition payments, a payment schedule may be established on an individual basis.  If a payment plan is used, the part time student will be expected to pay  25% of the total tuition one week before the class begins.  The remaining tuition will  include a 15% interest fee and will be divided into monthly payments.                                                                                                                  Stand Alone Introduction to Montessori Elementary Class $750
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