JCHS Animal Shelter Satisfaction Survey
Please fill out this short survey if you have visited or contacted the Jefferson County Humane Society in Valley Falls, KS and would like to tell us about your experience. Visit our website and adoptable animals at www.jfcountypets.com or give us a call at (785) 945-6600.
How did you contact us?
What was the date and approximate time of your visit, call, or email? Name of person contacted if known?
Your answer
Why were you visiting or contacting the shelter?
If you visited/contacted the shelter to adopt a particular animal, how did you first hear about that animal?
What is your overall impression of JCHS based on this visit or contact?
Strongly Negative
Strongly Positive
What informed that impression during your contact with JCHS?
Your answer
How long did it take for staff or volunteers to assist you?
Your answer
If you adopted a pet from JCHS, please tell us how satisfied you were with the length of time it took for you to go through our adoption process and take your pet home?
Strongly Dissatisfied
Strongly Satisfied
If you were visiting the shelter to adopt a pet, at the time of adoption, how well do you feel the shelter did to prepare you for pet ownership? I.E., providing you with useful information on such things as feeding and caring for a pet.
Very Poorly
Very Well
If you visited the shelter in search of a new pet but decided not to adopt one, what was the reason?
Your answer
How likely are you to recommend JCHS to friends and family who are interested in adopting a pet?
Highly Unlikely
Highly Likely
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