2020 Parker Lecture Survey
This form is to gather attendee feedback on the 38th Annual Parker Lecture that took place on Thursday, October 15.  Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.
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How easy was it for you to see the livestream? *
If you had problems, where was the source of the problem?
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Do you have suggestions to improve streaming for future events?
Did you find the video and audio easy to see and hear?
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If you used the accessibility features, closed captioning and ASL interpretation, did they work for you?
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Feedback on accessibility features
What is your feedback on the content of the program? *
Was the sense of community welcoming on Facebook chat? Would you prefer a different format or platform in the future? *
Tell us your time zone and whether this was a good time of day for you (check only 1 time zone):
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