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Thank you for helping us keep our Community safe from phishing sites or fake information. If you believe you've encountered a page designed to imitate the official Crypterium website or social web pages in an attempt to steal users' personal information or mislead them or you've been contacted by so-called Crypterium representatives, please complete the form below to report it to the team.
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While the Crypterium Wallet is protected by a sophisticated bank-level security system and funds are fully insured, you can still take a few steps to enhance the security of your account. Always double-check the domain you're surfing in the address bar. Make sure you're on to prevent any phishing attacks. You can install some anti-phishing extension for your web browser.

In our community, another type of fraud is more widespread: scammers and fake accounts in social media. None of the employees will ever ask you for money, BTC, ETH or any other form of currency. You should not transfer any amount of it to anyone claiming to be, or appearing to be a support. Under no circumstances should you disclose ANY of your personal data publicly in this chat or to other users.

Find out more about it here:

Follow us on the official social media pages and avoid interaction with other fraud accounts. Stay tuned to get the latest news and updates from Crypterium!

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