2017-18 Partial Immersion Registration for 5K students
Welcome to the registration page for Lexington School District One's Partial Immersion Program!

Please read each question very carefully and reply to EACH one. Please note that registering for the Lexington One Partial Immersion Program does not guarantee admission to the program. This registration places your child in line for admission based your registration time.

This program is not screened. Participants are registered based on a first-come, first served basis. When you hit "submit" your registration will be dated and time stamped. You will see a box pop up that says that your entry has been noted.

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• It is imperative that you go to the school for which you are zoned to enroll your child for 5K.

• Online partial immersion registration does NOT enroll your child for kindergarten.


When placing my child into the partial immersion program in Lexington One I understand the following:

• For parents registering siblings: I understand that I must complete the enrollment packet required for 5K enrollment at the site where my older child is enrolled in the partial immersion program. If my child is already in middle school, I must register at the school my older child attended in the partial immersion program. Failure to enroll your child in 5K by the end of March 2017, may result in your slot being forfeited to another incoming student.

• Students will receive at least 50% of their classroom instruction in the foreign language.

• Lexington School District One has chosen math and science as the subjects for specific foreign language instruction. All content in these areas will be taught in the second language and assessed in that language in the classroom.

• While the world language teacher is instructing one group of children in science and math skills, the English teacher will be instructing another group of students in English literacy and social studies skills. Both teachers will work together to integrate content throughout the day.

• At a determined point during the school day, the teachers will switch groups of children so that all students get both English and target language instruction daily.

• The South Carolina academic standards will be the basis for all partial immersion instruction.

• All interested students will NOT be accepted into this program due to limited space.

• At each immersion site, there are two classes per grade level. 20 slots in each class (40 total slots at each site) will be reserved for students within the immersion site's attendance zone.

• 5 slots in each class (10 total slots at each site) will be filled based on students who live outside of those school attendance zones based on a first come, first served basis.

• The program begins in 5K ONLY. The kindergarten curriculum lends itself beautifully to beginning immersion instructional strategies. Students must demonstrate proficiency levels equivalent to the current participants to gain entry at a later date.

• Each year the program will expand to the next grade level. In 2017-18 the initial students will move into 11th grade at the high school their middle school feeds into (LHS, RBHS, WKHS).

• Older siblings who are not in the immersion program may not be permitted to enroll at the immersion site due to space limitations.

• Younger siblings will be given first priority to enroll in future immersion programs at that same site.

• Transportation will be the responsibility of the parent if you attend from out of the school zone.

• A waiting list will be maintained for both in-zone and out-of-zone students up until the end of the second week of school. Students may be admitted into the program up until that point should there be a vacancy.

• If parents decide not to participate in this program after enrolling and before the start of the school year 2015-16, it is their responsibility to contact one of the following as soon as possible so that those on the waiting lists may be notified:

o Partial Immersion Registrar - Harriet Cotterman, hcotterman@lexington1.net, 803-821-1057

o Coordinator for World Languages Lead Teacher - Dawn Samples, dsamples@lexington1.net, 803-821-1054

• Parents must have long-term commitment to this program in order for the benefits to be fully realized. It will be detrimental to all parties involved in the program for parents not to fulfill this commitment.

• There is a formal procedure process for withdrawal from the program that is handled on an individual, case by case basis. Lexington School District One is committed to the successful implementation of this program and we will work with all parties to address concerns along the way.

• Parents do NOT have to be able to speak the target language in order to help their children be successful in this program.

• This program is not screened for entry. All children who have learned to speak their native tongue are capable of learning another language. Parents should consider however that partial immersion IS a very challenging program due to the constant cognitive thinking and processing skills the children must use constantly throughout the day. This process yields wonderful cognitive results in the end for the child but the process can be very challenging and frustrating at times. Parents should take their child's personality and coping skills into consideration when enrolling them into this program. Lexington One teachers and administrators will work with parents to help ALL children succeed in this program to the best of their ability; however, parents need to understand that it may be more difficult for some children than others. When the children receive daily encouragement from parents to keep trying and stay positive they have more confidence and in turn usually perform better in all areas.

• According to research, in some cases students may experience temporary interference between the native language and the new language. This is not unusual. At times this interference could cause a lag in performance in class or on standardized tests to some degree. This is to be expected. However, even with this lag all students should still be performing within the grade level expectations. These children may not perform quite as high as they would normally in a monolingual classroom when they encounter interferences in their thinking from time to time. This sometimes occurs in the earlier grades when they are learning to read and write. If students are not performing within grade level expectations there are usually other factors that are contributing to the issues the child may be having. As with all the children in all classrooms, the school will work with the child and the parents to meet the needs of the child. The issues are most often able to be addressed with the proper interventions and the student is able to continue in the program. It should be noted that children in the monolingual classrooms also experience interference from outside factors as well, so this is not an unusual occurrence in this age child. Research has shown that by grade 5 most partial immersion children achieve parody with their peers and are performing at or above grade level in all areas. The immersion/language factor is very rarely the root of the problem. Thus all sides of any issues/concerns must be addressed for the best interest of the child. Considerations for withdrawal from the program are taken once the child has received all the support and help we would offer any child experiencing difficulties and who is showing specific signs that are language/program related.

• Each child learns language (his/her own and new languages) at his/her own pace. As when they learned to speak as a toddler, children will often not be able to tell you things in the language even though their understanding in the language is very comprehensive in the classroom. Please understand that it could take many months and in some cases years before the child will speak in the language freely. Your child's teacher will be able to provide you with guiding questions that may elicit more language production from your child at home.

• Research has shown that children with auditory processing disorders are not good candidates for this program. These children have great difficulty processing sounds into language (even their native language). If you think your child may have this condition please find out more before the start of the school year and consider very carefully his/her placement in this program.

• Parental support of the total educational process and assistance with instructional concepts in the language spoken in the home will be the keys to quality parental involvement. The language teachers will be concerned with the language acquisition.

• Lexington School District One is committed to providing a K-12 immersion experience for interested students.

• Planning for the partial immersion classes to attend the middle schools the elementary immersion site is zoned for is underway. Students will have the opportunity to continue their immersion experience in the middle and high school grades.

• Lexington School District One is committed to this program for the K-12 experience of your child in this district.

By submitting my registration form, I am verifying that I have read these understandings, guidelines, and procedures; I wish to enroll my child into the partial immersion program.

Congratulations! You are about to give your child a wonderful gift -- more brain power and ultimately proficiency in another language!

PLEASE include complete mailing and email addresses whenever possible. These are the most efficient means of communication with parents about this program. Parents with email addresses will receive notification about this program via email. Parents without email addresses ONLY will receive notification via hard copy.

You must complete all applicable sections on this form. Failure to fully complete the form could impact your placement status in this program.

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PLEASE include an email address if you have email. It is the most efficient means of communication from the district office with parents.

Thank you!

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You may select up to 6 immersion sites in the order of your preference. You may also select only one if you choose.
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Deerfield Elementary - German
Gilbert Primary - Spanish
Meadow Glen Elementary - Mandarin Chinese
Midway Elementary - French
Pleasant Hill Elementary - Spanish
Red Bank Elementary - Spanish
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This completes your online registration for the partial immersion program for 2017-18!
Thank you so much for your interest and support of this program!

Please visit the school you are currently zoned for as soon as possible to enroll your child for 5K kindergarten!

Please visit the partial immersion web page to find out what documents you must have with you when you enroll.

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