Environmental Checks and Balances
Read the article by Dr. Steven Cohen (Executive Director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute) from Huffington Post titled Resisting The Deregulation Of Environmental Protection and answer the series of questions related to checks and balances below.

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Find an example of one of the checks and balances from the constitution that is represented in the article. Explain which of the checks is actually being described, and which branches are involved. (also explain which members of the branches are involved if necessary) *
Why is the check being used? How is it effectively protecting the environment, or one of the agencies that is responsible for the environment? *
In your opinion, is the strategy being used an effective manner to protect the environment? If you do think so, explain whether or not you think it is usable as a long term strategy for protecting legislation related to the environment. If not, what other method would be more effective? *
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