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Real Economy Lab (REL) is a new collaborative investigation systematically exploring, mapping, and articulating a practical, sustainable, equitable economy as it unfolds around the globe. The aim of the lab is to build a participatory platform and process leading to a unifying picture of the projects, ideas, movements and networks offering viable alternatives to the faltering status quo, and to present this as a compelling case for wider coordination and support by all stakeholders. We invite you to take part!

The prompt: An increasing array of practitioners and thinkers are working towards a new economic system. How can the groups and organisations carrying out these efforts be mapped? What are their connections? How might they better recognize and achieve common goals? The first step involves turning to prominent groups at work in the field and asking: what matters to your work, what are your ambitions, and how are you trying to accomplish your aims?

The following questions invite you to plot the work of your organisation or initiative against a series of lenses. The responses and indeed the lenses are not set in stone, but will provide a basis to start building towards a better understanding of how the different players in the broad field relate and interact. Comments and feedback are encouraged at the end of this survey form.

Resulting data will be used to create infographic and graph-based visualizations for distribution by the REL team under Creative Commons license. Names of individual respondents are not included in published materials, and the data will not be presented as an official position of the organisation in question. Responses may be adapted and integrated with parallel research for consistency during analysis. We welcome and encourage your thinking around the questions, definitions, and the surveying process more generally. The next phase of the project centers around the development of an interactive online platform and large scale open enquiry process for enhanced knowledge sharing and coalition building.

REL is a project initiated by Jules Peck, with support from Fondation Charles Leopold Mayer, New Economics Foundation, Transition Network, and - read more at

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What is your organisation's functional form? *
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Does your group or organisation have a mission statement? If yes, please include below.
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What is your geographic base or primary location of activity? *
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How would you characterize the intended geographic reach and impact of your work?
select one or two which reflect your overall mission goals
What are your intended accomplishments?
In this section, help us to understand what kind of impacts you see stemming from your work on larger socio-economic systems.
What are the primary application areas or locus of work for your initiative? *
select up to five work areas where you are operating consistently
Which sectors of society does your work primarily strive to influence? *
select up to three foremost sectors which you are targeting for direct impact
What are you primarily working towards? What are the intended ultimate outcomes?
Please describe in your own words here, or use the chart below to rank several broad options.
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Ultimate outcomes - part 2 (optional - see previous question)
Please identify which of the following you consider to be the desired ultimate outcome of your work.
Top priority
Environmental sustainability and regeneration
Increased equality and economic opportunity
Increased health and well-being
Enhanced democratic participation
Culture of cooperative relations
Which of the following do you consider to be outputs of your work? *
select up to four most significant tangible results or products (list Services in the next question)
If your work has a focus on providing services, please identify up to four of the following
How are you making progress toward these goals?
This section will help us to identify effective and innovative means and methods for projects working in this domain.
Does your project have a theory of change? If so how would you describe it in up to 100 words?
A plan laying out the long term goals of your project or movement and the steps needed to get there.
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Do you consider that your work is based more in theory or in practice?
Select a middle value if a mix of both
Please indicate which of the following means / mechanisms / leverage points your work in particular contributes to, or helps to enable in order to achieve the outcomes you listed above: *
(choose up to five foremost strategies)
Please provide one or more web links as point of reference as to how you are employing any of the above methods
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Does your group or organisation take an explicit position generally in favor of any of the following?
choose up to five that are held most firmly
If selected above, please elaborate or provide links for any definitive position statements.
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Do you see your work as fitting within any of the following political-economic paradigms?
select all that apply
How would you describe the lens of your work? *
issue based
systemic approach
How would you describe the mode of change intended by your work?
incremental / reformatory
transformative / radical
Do you see your work as predominantly oriented towards alleviating negative effects of the current economic system, or building towards substantial alternatives?
Which do you see as the predominant motivator for large scale economic behaviour change ahead?
choose a middle value for a combination of the two, including market / pricing mechanisms
Which kinds of support, additional resources, or context changes would best enable you to fulfill or further your project aims?
select up to three of highest value or greatest relevance
What would you like to see the work of Real Economy Lab support or facilitate for people and projects in the new economy movement? If you have thoughts please provide them in less than 100 words.
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What kind of platform or process would you consider contributing to as part of an ongoing collective enquiry to understand and advance the aims of a new economy movement?
If you wish, please list organisations, projects, or groups which you think we should contact for additional input
see for reference the following list we have already assembled:
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Any final thoughts, suggestions, or clarifying questions that you'd like to submit here?
Thank you for your consideration!
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