50in50: Letters to Our Daughters
The AUDELCO and Obie Award-winning Billie Holiday Theatre announces its annual call for writers 50in50: Letters to Our Daughters 2019 with founding partner Obie Award-winning Frank Silvera Writers' Workshop. For the third year, MacArthur “Genius” Dominique Morriseau’s curatorial statement calls women and girls from all walks of life to tell their stories. A diverse group of 50 stories will be selected to be read by a renowned collective of women actors at The Billie Holiday Theatre, Brooklyn, New York.

We are proud to announce that 50in50 will make its West Coast debut at the dynamic WACO Theater Center in Los Angeles, California. Readings will take place in March 2019.


- Submission Deadline: Friday, January 25 at 11:59PM
- Selected Writers will be Announced: February 1, 2019
- 50in50: Letters to Our Daughters Readings in Brooklyn and LA: March 2019

Thank you for sharing your story with us!


Since we were young, we have received lessons for our survival. This has been passed down from the generations. The mamas. The grandmamas. The great-grandmamas. The aunties. The big sisters and older cousins. They give us the lessons of our womanhood that we stack into the corners of our minds as we move through the world. What to eat to make our nails grow. What to put in our hair to stop the ends from breaking. What to put on our skin to make the battle wounds less intrusive. What to put over our eyes to make the swelling go down. What to cook for our lovers to make sure they stick around.

These lessons are for joy. For our laughter. And also, to protect us from pain. What to say when stones are thrown at us. How to protect ourselves on a dark night. How to make ourselves not a target. How to stay alive when our lives are under threat. How to be resilient when the world treats us like we’re expendable. When we are the only ones who will fight for our right to be free from harassment and social injustice.

Women of all walks of life have shared lessons with each other. Mothers of movements like Rosa Parks and Angela Davis and Fannie Lou Hamer have taught us that we are not passive in the fight for equality. Mothers of slain Black boys like Samaria Rice and Sabrina Fulton and Lesley McFadden have taught us that our grief can be turned into unifying action. Mothers of creative thought like Zora Neale Hurston and Octavia Butler and Lorraine Hansberry have taught us that our humanity is undeniable poetry.

These lessons make us strong. But there comes a time when we have to build our own lessons to pass onto others. When we have learned new things that our mamas and grandmamas and great-grandmamas never experienced. The world has evolved and devolved, simultaneously, and we have new ways of surviving. What kind of battles do we have to fight to sustain ourselves? What kind of love will we be able to endure? What kind of joy will we find along the journey that we should hold onto?

As women writers, I want you to consider the world you inherited and the one you’d like to create. Consider the many lessons that you’ve learned and the ones you wish you’d learned. What will you leave behind for the daughters of tomorrow?

May this question spark something powerful in your creative imagination. Happy Writing Sister Scribes!

peaceandlovedominique :)

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