Jesus on Prophecy Evangelism Training: March 15-17, 2019
Is your church participating in “Jesus on Prophecy” (previously named Prophecy Unfolds), the Conference-wide evangelistic effort beginning September 23? Or, are you potentially interested in participating?

We invite you to attend a special training and resource weekend at Camp Au Sable March 15-17 that will give you the tools to prepare your church for an inspiring harvest.

Who should attend?

Church Elders
Speakers and/or Coordinators
Personal Ministries directors/team members 
Members planning to help with the meetings 
Those considering being involved in other capacities

When: March 15-17 (Friday evening to Sunday morning)

Where: Camp Au Sable

Cost: $25-$75 depending on lodging (see below). 5 meals will be provided during the weekend - Friday Supper, 3 meals on Sabbath, Sunday Breakfast.

Speakers include: Elder Wes Peppers (Ministerial & Evangelism) , Elder Kameron DeVasher (Sabbath School & Personal Ministries , Elder Mark Howard (SS&PM, Emmanuel Institute)

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You can also register by calling Marion Peppers at 256-452-2612 or email

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Jesus on Prophecy 2019!
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Jesus on Prophecy
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Remember to Bring:
- Bedding, Towels, and personal toiletries
- Note paper and pen
- Bible
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