Personality Traits Assessment
To Better Understand Your Personal Needs & Habits For Success in Eating & Exercise
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I crave sugar, sweet foods, or other carbohydrates like breads and past regularly and feel a sense of happiness, euphoria, or mental numbness when I eat these foods.
I have dieted with friends or co-workers to be a part of the group
My weight fluctuates regularly and I have multiple sizes in my closet
I eat when I'm bored or find myself in the kitchen even when "nothing sounds good".
Once I over eat, I rid myself of the excess by vomiting
I eat large amounts of food in short periods of time, and feel a bit out of control while eating.
Once I over eat, I try to make up for the excess by exercising either harder or more.
I eat when I feel stress or anxious.
I regularly eat large portions of food; it takes a lot to make me feel full / satisfied.
I over eat or eat foods I know aren't good for me in social situations.
Once I over eat, try to make up for the excess by promising myself I will not eat, ore eat very little the next day.
I constantly snack throughout the day. Often, once I eat a snack I still feel unsatisfied , and will go back for more and sometimes more.
I am obsessed with becoming skinny and fear over eating of any kind will make me fat.
Once I start eating certain foods, I find it difficult to stop.
I regularly eat while in front of the Television or doing other mindless tasks.
I am uncomfortable in social situations and spend more time eating than socializing.
I eat when I feel upset, unhappy, or "down".
I feel pressured by others to over eat or eat foods that aren't good for me.
Once I over eat, I try to make up for the excess by using diet pills or diuretics.
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