2018 KRC Spring Exploring Retreat 2018神國春季探索營
Date :5:00PM Thur. to 1:30PM Sun., Mar. 22-25, 2018
Location : Ambassador For Christ , 21 Ambassador Drive,Paradise, PA 17562, USA
Contact: kamhleung@aol.com (Mr. & Mrs. Kam & Hui Leung) 
Online registration: e-krc.org, Paypal,$30)
For questions:1-301-515-0124 (Kam/Fay)

時間:2018年3月22, 週四下午5:00以前報到 至3月25日週日下午2時
地點:賓州樂園鎮使者協會,21 Ambassador Drive,Paradise, PA 17562, USA
聯絡: kamhleung@aol.com (梁淦洪弟兄、徐惠媛姊妹)
網上報名: e-krc.org, Paypal,$30) 
詢問電話:1-301-515-0124 (梁淦洪弟兄、徐惠媛姊妹)

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