YourYour Experience of Being Sanctuary: "Go Out and Make Disciples: Who is Our Neighbor? Let's Meet Them!"
Please answer these questions from your own experience.
This ministry includes: Casting the Vision of Sanctuary into the Community, Building Partnerships, Recruiting Leaders, Evangelism (Inviting Others, Sharing the Story of Sanctuary), Advertising/Marketing, and Social Networking
1. Please describe briefly which of these activities you have been (or are) involved in. If you have not been involved in any of these, can you tell us why?
2. When you talk about Sanctuary to others - what kinds of things do you say and why? Where does this usually happen (work, neighbors, other)? How do people respond?
3. Are there things that you avoid talking about? Why?
4. What Sanctuary things do you invite people to and why? How do they respond?
5. What kind of support and encouragement have you gotten from Sanctuary folk or staff to help you meet our neighbors, share our vision, and network? How might the congregation better support you in this? What do you need to do more?
6. Do you have any suggestions for partnerships or potential leaders?
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