Young Women's Discipleship Ministry Survey
This survey is designed for First Baptist Augusta ladies who are 18-40 years old and are members or repeat guests of the church. This survey is designed to gather input to better plan events for our Women's Discipleship Ministry. This is for informational purposes only & to promote positive discussion amongst the ladies at FBCA. We want to hear your voice! This survey was designed by Rebecca Elkin & Kristian Woodward.
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Would you be interested in attending a weekly small group session (a small group session is defined as a weeknight in-home session with light Bible study & fellowship)? *
If you're married, would your husband be willing to attend a weekly small group session with you? *
Would you be interested in attending a luncheon or dinner with a speaker & theme-focused table conversations? *
If yes, which days & times would work best with your schedule? (Choose all that apply) *
Would you be interested in attending a weekend event (Friday evening & Saturday) at FBCA with video-cast teaching sessions, breakout discussions, & times of live worship? *
How important is free/complimentary childcare to you in determining if you will attend these events? *
Do you currently attend a weekly Bible study (including Sunday School)? *
If not, what limits you from attending a weekly Bible study? *
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Would you be willing to volunteer with the Women's Discipleship Ministry? *
Please share your comments or suggestions for FBCA's Women's Discipleship Ministry. *
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