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Member obligations
As a member of the Ascot State School Parents and Citizens' Asscoiation, you undertake to:
a) promote the interests of and facilitate the development and further improvement of the School and the good order and management of the School; and
b) comply with the constitution of the P&C Association, including the P&C Association Code of Conduct as specified in Schedule 2 of the constitution (available from the footer of ascotsspandc.org), and any valid resolutions passed by the Association.
Note: If a person has been convicted of an indictable offence, it is grounds for removal in accordance with the Education (General Provision) Act 2006.
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Membership acceptance
P&C membership applicants MUST be in attendance (in-person) at the P&C General meeting that considers the application for membership. The only exception to this rule applies to applications submitted to the P&C Annual General meeting where the constitution allows for members to be absent during the assessment of the application.
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