El Dorado High School Athletics Player Feedback Form 2018-19--Water Polo-Girls
This is an anonymous form that is used to help get feedback on our coaches. The questions below are directed toward your head coach. Please answer the questions below as best you can. Thank you for taking this survey.
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1. I was provided positive leadership and a good example for how I was to conduct myself under the pressure and stress of competitive sports. *
2. I feel I could trust and respect my coach. *
3. I was treated fairly by my coach. *
4. I was treated respectfully by my coach. *
5. My coach maintained a professional standard at practices. *
6. My coach maintained a professional standard at games. *
7. I could talk to my coach when I had questions or concerns. *
8. I was motivated in a constructive and effective manner and encouraged to perform at my very best. *
9. I was taught skills and knowledge that enhanced my performance. *
10. I was treated respectfully by my teammates. *
11. My participation on this team taught me how to successfully cooperate and get along with others. *
12. The overall program was well organized; communications were effective and clear. *
13. Overall I had a positive experience participating in this sport. *
What additional comments do you have about your responses above?
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