A CLOSING activity that accomplishes reflection & reconnection. Thanks for filling this out--it will help me accomplish my last purpose of this session.
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Your first name. I'll be using a mailmerge, later, so it will seem all personalized and friendly, and in fact I really DO mean it to be personalized and friendly, but of course it will just be boilerplate. ...until you reply to the email and we begin to dialogue, of course! I'd like that.
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Again, this goes into the mailmerge. I don't sell the emails to anybody and I don't add you to some sort of comprehensive email list to use into the future. But I do send you one follow-up email with links to the session resources, including your three reflections and everyone's one-thing.
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3 Reflections
In the last 55 minutes, what did you notice? No need to be profound--no stress necessary. Just identify 3 things that might be take-aways that you'd like to be reminded of in a couple of weeks when I send out the mailmerge. Things to include in your next PD, perhaps? Three things you noted:
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2 to Avoid
What are two things to avoid in PD? It may be something you've seen done wrong in the past, or I may have touched on it today or (gulp) I may have done it wrong myself, today. Identify 2 PD pitfalls here:
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1 to go public with
This can be an answer from either of the two previous questions. Just copy and paste. I'll send you everyone else's response to this question, and your reflection here will go public to them, too, albeit without your name/email. Choose 1 thing to takeaway:
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