OCN(ACT) - Application for Individual Membership (Form 1A)
Please complete this form to apply for individual membership. The total individual membership fee is $25 for the first year comprising a Joining fee ($5) and Annual membership ($20).
Personal details of applicant
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Your Unit Number, Units Plan and Payment Details
In applying for membership of the Owners Corporation Network (ACT) you agree to be bound by the Rules of Association for the time being in force and have either paid or will pay the required Joining and Annual Membership fees .
Unit number *
The number of the unit of which you are the proprietor.
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Units Plan *
The Units Plan number in which the above unit is located/
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Payment *
Please indicate if you have paid the appropriate membership fee: $25 on joining
Please provide details of a contact who is either the Manager of the Corporation or a Member of the Executive of the above Units Plan who may, if considered necessary, be contacted to verify your good standing in the Owners Corporation.
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Unit Plan Details
Corporation Manager
The business name of the Corporation Managing Agent, or "Self Managed".
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Number of Units
The total number of units in the complex.
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Units Class
Class A (strata), Class B (free standing), A&B (combination of both).
Name of complex
The name of the complex, if any
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Units Location
The suburb in which the complex is located
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Formal agreement
I apply for individual membership of the Owners Corporation Network (ACT) Inc. If admitted to membership I agree to be bound by the rules of the association for the time being in force.
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