PG Art Scholarship Application

Thank you for taking interest in PG Art Camp. We ask that this Scholarship Application be filled out by an adult (a parent, teacher, or community leader). The adult who fills out the application is acting as a reference for the young artist who would like to attend camp (you may refer as many young artist as you wish).

Please note that this application does not guarantee a scholarship.

Additionally, the PG Art Camp Scholarship is for one week only and covers the cost of camp $195. Each Scholarship recipient must still cover the $75 registration.

The deadline for the Application is Midnight June 7, 2018

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First and Last Name of Adult Referring the Young Artist *
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Relationship to the Young Artist *
Name of Young Art (First and Last) *
Age and Grade of Young Artist (2017-18) school year *
Why do you think this Young Artist will benefit from a scholarship to PG Art Camp? *
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