LAO LE Patient and Caregiver Survey
As a newer Board of Directors for the Lymphedema Association of Ontario (LAO), we have a list of questions about the dynamic of the people we are trying to serve and assist.
We invite you to read them over, and share your answers with us so that we can effectively strategize about best ways to serve people living with lymphedema and/or their caregivers here in the province of Ontario.
1. Please choose all that apply to how you would identify your connection to lymphedema:
2. What lymphedema-related issue do you feel is most pressing in Ontario?
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The following questions 3-18, are for lymphedema patients OR their family or caregiver to answer on their behalf:
3. What type of lymphedema do you have?
4. What are the main causes of your lymphedema if it is secondary?
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5. If your lymphedema is secondary to cancer and/or radiation, was it explained to you that this might be a possible side effect?
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6. What part or parts of your body are affected by lymphedema?
7. How long have you had lymphedema?
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8. How old are you?
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9. Are you male or female?
10. Are you able to find the care you need to be able to effectively manage and control your lymphedema?
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11. If you answered no to question 10, why did you not receive such care?
12. What does your self-care and/or your therapist-care consist of, to effectively manage your lymphedema?
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13. Have you been treated by a lymphedema therapist certified in combined decongestive therapy (bandages, manual lymphatic drainage, specific exercises)?
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14. If you answered yes to question 13, do you consider this therapy to be essential and effective for lymphedema management?
15. Do you have private insurance to cover your treatment costs, or do you have other methods to cover your financial costs of treatment?
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16. How often do you wear compression garments and/or night garments? (ie 75% of the time, 100% of the time, etc)
Compression Garments
Night Garments
17. Have you ever had cellulitis or skin infections that have required antibiotics because of your lymphedema?
18. If you get cellulitis often, how often?
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19. Health Care Professional Member comments for the LAO Board:
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20. Name (optional)
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21. Address/Region (optional)
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22. I would like someone to contact me regarding LAO Board and/or volunteer opportunities. My phone number and/or email address is:
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Thank you
Thank you for your time and effort which will ultimately help us all to work together most effectively to help the lymphedema population in Ontario.


The Board of Directors of the Lymphedema Association of Ontario, Debbie Ciotti-Bowman, Charlotte Schultz, Liisa Morley, Cindy DeGraaff, Ben Ciallella and Pouya Arefi.

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