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The Tech Academy (TTA) is an after-school program offering extracurricular
learning activities for approximately one hundred students currently. In TTA, we primarily teach 3 subjects- Animation, Game Development and Robotics.

Here is a brief of the curriculum of these courses:
Animation- Students learn CGI, 2D & 3D animation & VFX in Blender.
Game Development- Students learn logic building, computer programming & game design through the Godot engine.
Robotics- Students learn about electronics, mechanics and automation. They also learn the application of them in real-world situations.

Our classes are taught through practical challenges, a method known as a top-down approach. Furthermore, classroom experiences are “gamified”. Gamification is when you apply video game principles in a non-gaming environment like classrooms. As a result, children vastly enjoy the learning experience.
TTA also assures affiliations with many extra projects. Many of our academy’s top students are on par with professionals in terms of technical skills and are ready to handle top-tier client work.

For the current pandemic situation, we have gone totally online and all our classes are still running in full phase. Join our journey of learning from home and start exploring the majestic world of animation, game development and robotics.

Class Information:
Classes are conducted in small batches ranging from 5-12 kids.
2 instructors are present in classes at all times to assist the students. The class timings are as follows:

Game Development: Monday [5pm- 7pm]
Robotics: Thursday [4.30pm- 6.30pm]
Animation: Wednesday [5pm- 7pm]

Fees subject-wise/month :
Animation - BDT 4000
Game Dev - BDT 4000
Robotics - BDT 4000

We are always excited to bring in new students and make our community even more amazing!
So, are you excited to join? We look forward to seeing you!
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All our classes are between 4-7pm on weekdays. Kindly check the above routine and apply based on your child's availability on that time.
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