Young Business Edge Committee
Thanks for your interest in joining the Young Business Edge (YBE) Committee!

Whilst these roles are voluntary, the committee needs commitment from their fellow team members to ensure the team work efficiently, effectively and share an equal load so no one person does all the work. YBE was created by Albury Northside & Wodonga Chambers to give young people in business an opportunity to contribute to connecting and supporting other like minded individuals. The committee is responsible for brainstorming, planning and managing a number of events each year where attendees can walk away having learnt something practical and useful, built professional connections that will help them in their business/career – whilst having a bit of fun at the same time.

The YBE is currently in a transitional stage and has just completed a strategic review and updated our mission to better help guide our goals over the next 12 months. As such we have increase our required commitment from members to better help the committee reach its goals.

YBE Mission: We exist to give young career minded individuals support, and help their business and career development grow by creating meaningful connections and networks in Albury Wodonga.

YBE Strategy:

o To focus more on creating a presence and greater connections for young business
professionals at ANCC and WCC and WIC events.

o Create a link for new and returning young professions to the region.
Link to chamber businesses/ promote new job opportunities

o Utilise existing social type events to help build YBC networks – E.g. Friday of My Mind events.
(Set up an event on FB and promote where committee will be at event with banner)

o Focus on building the network, not events to begin with.

o Utilise closed Group on Facebook for members to communicate.

o Start communicating with business owners and the two Chambers and get them to promote the network and
what we can do for their staff.

Here’s some more detail about the requirements for being a volunteer YBE committee member.

Committee Meetings:

The commitment you will need to make is 3-6 hours per month

o Fortnightly meetings (1 hour each) = 2
o 1 hour of time in between meetings to complete tasks = 1
o Attendance at ANCC, WCC and WIC events (approx. 3 hours) = 3-5 hours
There is an expectation that you will attend as many events as possible on both sides of the border.
o Attendance at YBE events (4 hours including set up each - 3 per year) =12 hr year.
o Participation in the Closed facebook group for committee only for discussion.

Each member is asked to attend fortnightly committee meetings (understanding that you may not be able to make every single one), which are held at various locations in both Albury and Wodonga. These meetings are short and sharp and run for approximately 1 hour. We will review this after 6 months and if we are travelling well we will reduce meetings to monthly if agreed by the committee.

At these meetings the team discuss:

• what needs to be done for event planning, sponsorship attraction and other tasks
• deciding who’s going to do it, by dividing tasks equally amongst the committee and creating sub committees
to help support event planning and more complex tasks.
• report on what’s been done since the last meeting
• as well as brainstorming and ongoing strategic planning.

Once the new committee is in place, members will be assigned to the 4 sub committees:

1. Marketing – Social media, website etc
2. Sponsorship attraction
3. Events
4. Membership

Each member is asked to attend the YBE events (understanding that you may not be able to make every single one), and to fill a rotating roster allocating at least one YBE committee member to each ANCC, WIC and WCC events.
At the YBE events it’s the committee’s role to:

• Participate in the organising, planning and running of the 3 YBE yearly events
• network with guests and introduce members to other members
(especially when there’s someone standing in the corner of the room by themselves)
• help manage/run events on the day/night/morning. Some of these duties may include:
- emceeing
- event setup and pack-down
- social media / marketing
- being a contact for the venue’s catering/AV/etc
- chaperoning VIP’s
- other tasks as required.

YBE committee members requirements at WIC, WCC and ANCC events it to take the YBE banner and sign up sheet, and create a YBE presence at each event.

• Set up banner and registration list for our database
• Network with guests and introduce members to other members
(especially when there’s someone standing in the corner of the room by themselves)

In your own time:

Outside meetings & events there’s small tasks that are assigned from the meetings which are mainly to do with organising events.
Some of these things may include:

• phone calls to committee and to help organise events
• site visits/meetings (venue inspections for events etc)
• emails to the committee and to help organise events

If after reading this you’re still keen to put your hand up – please complete the below questions and say hello via

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