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Class Setting
Focus on Instruction
Instructional Practices
Release of Responsibility
Grouping Format
Identify the instructional practices
Observers may mark multiple instructional practices.
Release of Responsibility
Grouping Format
Observers may mark multiple grouping formats in this section.
Focus on the Learner
Percent of Students Engaged
Level of Engagement
Level of Student Work (Revised Bloom's Taxonomy)
Depth of Knowledge (DOK)
Percent of Students Engaged
Behavioral engagement is aimed at measuring the extent to which students conform to classroom norms and expectations and participate in the classroom process (Fredricks, Blemenfeld, & Paris, 2004; Harris, 2008). This measure specifically quantifies behavior. It is defined at the minimum level by conformity to the classroom’s norms and expectations, including following the rules, attending school, answering questions when prompted, and paying attention to the teacher (Finn, 1993).
What is the students’ level of cognitive engagement?
* (What are 75% or more of the students doing?)
Determine level(s) of student work (Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy)
Depth of Knowledge (DOK) level(s) of student work
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