An Introduction to Internal Family Systems Therapy
Internal Family Systems therapy (IFS), an insight-oriented therapy developed by Richard Schwartz, Ph. D., has gained international and local respect as an innovative and powerful method for understanding conflict,trauma, and defenses and for promoting healing, change, self-empowerment, and self-compassion for individuals, couples, and groups.  IFS draws on systemic, psychodynamic, humanistic, and Buddhist perspectives.  The model assumes that everyone has multiple parts or sub personalities that constitute an organized internal system, with parts having understandable roles and relationships with one another, like a family.   Our parts took on extreme protective roles or jobs (like defenses) at about the time when early developmental injuries and traumas occurred.   These protective roles include pre-emptive managing (planning, organizing, figuring out, pleasing),critical judging (blaming, shaming), panicking, reactively acting out by a variety of impulsive and compulsive behaviors, dissociating, and somatizing.  Even though the effects of these protective strategies can cause distress to other parts inside and/or to people in our interpersonal lives, the IFS perspective is that parts, in their way, are trying to help.  All parts are welcome! 

Saturday,March 7, 20209:00 to 4:00PM (with an hour lunch break) 6 hours Learning Center C/D, Cambridge Hospital; 1493 Cambridge St.,Cambridge Register now by clicking here, there is a course limit of 25 participants. 
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