Work at a plant or a retailer? Tell us about your experiences
We want to hear about your work experience during the coronavirus pandemic. Below, tell us about steps your employer has taken and if they go far enough, where you work, and other thoughts. Share your experiences and thoughts with USA TODAY for possible inclusion in our continuing COVID-19 coverage. Your shared experiences and thoughts will be considered for possible inclusion in USA TODAY's continuing COVID-19 coverage.
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Outbreaks are occurring at food processing facilities. Do you work at one? How would you describe the conditions? Are conditions improving?
There are cases at grocery stores, too. If you work at a retailer, how are things changing?
If you are an essential worker either at a plant, a retailer, restaurant, truck driver, etc., do you feel safe at work? What do you want to change?
Do you have any friends or family who work at a plant or are an essential worker elsewhere? If so, where do they work and are you concerned about them? What do you hope will happen?
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