VPN Configuration
Technical details and requirements for the CIELO VPN can be found at:

Please fill out the following form in order to begin the VPN configuration process. We will require two IPsec tunnels to be established.
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Client/Circuit Name *
VPN Hardware *
Firmware Version
Peer ID or FQDN *
LAN IP Subnet
Will be allocated based on customers' current subnet to avoid overlap.
Phase 1 Properties
Key Exchange version
Auth Method *
Negotiation Mode *
Preshared Key *
Encryption Algorithm *
Hash Algorithm *
Encryption Scheme (DH Group 14) *
SA Lifetime (3600) *
NAT-Traversal *
Phase 2 Properties
Transform IPsec Protocol *
Encryption Algorithm *
Hash Algorithm *
SA Lifetime (28800) *
Compression *
Local Subnets *
Represented in CIDR notation
Updated April 2019
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