ROCC Men's Retreat Follow-Up Survey
Thanks so much for attending the 2017 ROCC Men's retreat. Our desire is to improve the retreat every single year! Our hope is that you were challenged and encouraged in the area of Discipleship. If you want to talk further about any subjects or issues, please feel free to contact any Elder or small group leader. Thanks so much for allowing us to serve you this weekend!
If you have not paid for the retreat. Please visit
Based on your experience this year, how likely are you attend next year?
Please Rate the Following:
Large Group Worship and Teaching Time
Small Group Breakout Time
Recreation Hour (sorry about cornhole shortage)
Overall Retreat Schedule
Given that the men's retreat was $30, would you be willing to pay $110 (women's retreat pricing) for nicer facilities?
Two things I'll remember from the retreat were............
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What would you like to see happen with ROCC Men's Ministry in the next year as a result of the retreat?
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Do you have any suggestions for how we can better promote future Men's Ministry events especially the Fall Retreat?
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Any additional Comments
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