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You will be contacted if you were chosen for consideration to become a Mod. Please do not contact moderators on the status of your application. Please only apply once.


Applicants must be over 18

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1000 Minimum Post Karma.

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As a mod of /r/wallstreetbetscrypto what changes would you make or ideas to implement in order to grow the sub? *
How old are you ? *
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Do you mod any other subreddits? If so, please provide an imgur.com link showing us the actions that you have performed (note: we only want to see YOUR actions - not the actions of the other moderators) *
Do you have any special skills that you can bring to the team? [for example - css, programming, flairs, photoshop] *
A very popular post has hit the front page of our sub, however, this post violates a couple rules. What would you do with said post? *
We receive a modmail from a user whose post was removed. You feel that the moderator who removed the post may have been wrong in removing it - how would you approach this? *
We receive a modmail from an irate user who is very upset about their post being removed. The user is growing increasingly hostile towards you and the modteam. Explain how you would handle this situation. *
Why do you want to be a moderator for /r/wallstreetbetscrypto? *
What do you think makes you a better candidate than others? Go ahead, brag a little. It's your time to shine. *
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