7 Steps of Triggering Event Cycle Activity
By working through the 7 steps of triggering event cycle activity, a framework established by Dr. Kathy Obear (2007), a person would be able to understand the varying experiences throughout their life that may cause them to react in a certain way. This process will help individuals be more conscious of what these experiences are, how they impact others, and to be more intentional as they choose how to respond when triggered. This could ultimately lead to interrupting the normative cycle and align intent with impact through behavior.

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C-ing Intent, Behavior, Impact Model
This phase happens before the intent forms within our response. There are 4 steps from the cycle that fall into this category.

Step 1 - Stimulus Occurs
This is the action or non action that happens to trigger the initial response. This stimulus can be verbal, non verbal, action, or inaction by another individual. Something that sends your natural instinct into response mode.

Step 2: Stimulus Triggers Intrapersonal Roots
Often times, when we are triggered by an event, we are unaware that this has restimulated our intrapersonal issues from our past or roots. These can include, but are not limited to:

- Current life issues and dynamics (fatigue, illness, crises, stressors)
- Unresolved or unhealed past issues, traumas and "wounds"
- Fear and anxiety (I'm incompetent, I'll lose credibility, I'll make a mistake, people will be hurt if I mismanage this situation)
- Needs (for control or approval; to be right or seen as competent; to be liked), and/or
- Prejudices and assumptions.

Step 3: Root forms the lens that creates the story
This step focuses on the roots of our past intrapersonal experiences and can lead to an unconfirmed story that we have assumed about the current situation. In the session, we spoke about this being the residual biases that we may hold because of past results with similar situations or people

Step 4: Story shapes your reaction
At this point, your body and mind may go into autopilot and resort to past behaviors in order to engage the other individual

Prompt: Think of a recent one-on-one interaction you have had with someone that triggered a response from you as you respond to the 7 steps below.
Step 1: Stimulus occurs - What was the stimulus that caused the reaction? (please note if it was verbal or non-verbal as well)
Step 2: Stimulus triggers intrapersonal roots - What past experiences and truths were salient in the exchange?
Step 3: Root forms the lens that creates the story - What story was created because of your intrapersonal roots? Was it positive or negative?
Step 4: Story shapes your reaction - What reaction did you have initially and how did it impact the rest of your thought process around the conversation?
Aligning Intent and Impact through Behavior
As you explore your interaction within this 7 step cycle, the goal is to align your intent and impact through behavior. A layer of this connects to the Emotional Intelligence that can be present. IBI is rooted in asking yourself 3 questions:

What was/is my intent (past, present, future)? That is, what was/am I hoping to accomplish?
What was/is my behavior? That is, what did/do I say and what were/are my actions?
What was/is the experience and perspective of those on the "receiving end" of my behavior? And how did/do I know?
Step 5: Intention - What was the intent after looking at your past and the root of your intrapersonal experiences. Did you shift your intention for the conversation?
Step 6: Behavior - What action or non-action did you take in response to your intent?
Step 7: Impact - How was your behavior to the situation received by the other person?
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