Sci-Tech End of Year Parent Survey for Distance Learning
My child(ren) are in grades
Overall, how do you feel now about distance learning?
It was a very negative experience
It was a very positive experience
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Compared to the first week of distance learning, how has the stress level changed in your home?
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Overall, I feel my child was given ______ work in distance learning.
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How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following statements?
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
Not Sure
Distance learning required too much of parents.
My child is receiving adequate instruction from teachers to support assigned work.
My child is receiving regular feedback on the schoolwork s/he submits.
My child has opportunities to connect and interact with classmates during distance learning.
My child knows what schoolwork is expected to be completed each day.
My child is motivated to complete the schoolwork s/he is assigned.
Support staff like counselors and psychologists are available to my child if s/he needs them.
Our school and district have done a good job keeping me informed about distance learning.
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Considering your experience with distance learning at the end of the 2019 - 20 school year, how did distance learning affect each of the following for your child(ren)?
Greatly Improved
Greatly Decreased
Ability to learn
Positive feelings about learning
Positive feelings about school
Self-Confidence and self-worth
Relationships with family members
Relationships with friends
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Please give us your comments regarding Sci-Tech's distance learning: What went well and what could be improved?
As we begin planning for next school year, what is your preferred option for reopening school?
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Due to social distancing protocols and budget cuts, busing limitations and changes might occur. How important is busing to your family?
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Our plan for reopening will need to consider several options, in order to address guidelines for social distancing. Each of these options has students attending school in person part time, with online learning also provided. What is your preferred schedule type?
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If the district has to reopen partially with online/virtual instruction, how important are the following aspects of distance learning? *
Very Important
Moderately Important
Slightly Important
Not Important
Live online whole-class meetings or lessons with teachers
Live online small-group meetings or lessons with teachers
Virtual "office hours" for students and parents/guardians to reach out to teachers
Collaborative group projects
Flexibility with scheduled activities
Frequent feedback on student progress
Learning assignments that can be accessed and completed at any time
Clear selection
The district has to consider many factors when planning to reopen schools. How important are each of the following factors to you when considering children attending school in person? *
Very Important
Moderately Important
Slightly Important
Not Important
Covid-19 vaccine availability
Enhanced cleaning occurring in our schools
Limiting classroom seating to maintain social distancing
Staggering drop-off and pick-up times to reduce crowding
Staggering recess and lunch times to reduce crowding
Regularly scheduling hand washing into the student day
Clear selection
Do you have any other comments or suggestions?
Do you have experience with grant writing? We need someone to help research grants to offset the increased cost of transportation during Covid-19. If you are willing, please reply with your name and contact information below.
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