The 20-Question Startup Assessment Survey

Foresight uses this questionnaire to quickly get an understanding of your company’s current situation and needs so as to best utilize the time we have scheduled for our preliminary discussion. We understand that some of these questions may not be applicable to your current situation and that some questions might not be answerable due to confidentiality reasons so we ask that you please only provide information that you are comfortable sharing and that which does not contain any confidential information. Please check all answers that apply to you or your company and if there is a need to add any additional information or explanation, please feel free to use the “Other” line or add additional information at the end of this document.

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(7) What is your business model:
(8) What is the stage of your product development:
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(9) If your product has been released, what traction do you have:
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(10) What is the size of your addressable market:
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(11) What are the main revenue sources:
(12) What is the state of competition:
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(13) What is your competitive advantage:
(14) Tell us about yourself:
(15) Tell us about your team:
(16) How have you funded your venture to-date:
(17) What type of funding round are you currently seeking:
(18) What are the major challenges to scaling the business (assuming resources are available):
(19) What is your exit strategy:
(20) What services are you seeking from Foresight:
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